Teton Brothers is the Japanese Backcountry Brand You Need to Know

teton brothers

train suite shiki shima journey to japan banner smallTeton Brothers was born in the back-country of Japan in 2007. Nori Suzuki, founder of Teton Brothers, found the inspiration in American outdoor products that he was looking for to create his own line of performance gear in Japan (and make it superior to what was already available in the country).

It was during his travels throughout the States that Suzuki created the first prototype of the company’s iconic TB Jacket. After returning to Japan, Suzuki, along with his wife (who is also a co-founder), Suzuki worked with local ski patrols and professional skiers and snowboarders to research and develop the brand’s flagship designs, the TB Jacket and Bib Pants, both of which are still staples in the line a decade after they were first introduced.

While the company was originally created to provide high-performance, back-country ski and snowboard apparel, Teton Brothers has expanded its offerings to include garments made for climbing, mountaineering, trail running, and lifestyle. Teton Brothers made its introduction into the U.S. market in late 2015 and has been going strong ever since.

The brand has a simple mission, to create products that are innovative, elegant and practical, while the color palette utilized in the brands apparel is inspired from old Japanese kimonos. The brand logo is that of the North American mountain lion. Like this majestic creature, Teton Brothers’ gear thrives in rugged, high-elevation conditions (and is beautiful to look at, too).

Check out our favorite products currently on offer at Teton Brothers:

Get The Gear

Tsuguri Pullover, $380

Teton brothers Tsuguri Pullover (Unisex)

As part of their expansion into the mountaineering market, this fitted alpinist pullover is designed with an entry zip placed directly over the center of the body. This is the company’s first Apex Award winning garment. We think there will be more to follow.

TB Jacket, $490

Teton Brothers TB Jacket

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! In the case of the brand’s flagship design, this jacket has been improved upon and updated since it first appeared in 2008. This backcountry shell utilizes Polartec Neoshell, is helmet compatible and sports two chest pockets, one goggle pocket and an arm pocket..

TB Bib Pant, $470

TB Bib Pant

The simple, yet elegant design of the Bib Pant paired with the Polartec Neoshell fabric construction makes it the perfect compliment to any adventure in the backcountry. Rounding out the list of features in this versatile garment include half-zip legs and detachable bib.

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