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The Lampuga Air Inflatable Jetboard Is a Go-Anywhere Aqua Thrill Ride

Lampuga Air Inflatable Jetboard

Not long ago, a weekend of outdoor adventuring meant packing your SUV to the gills and strapping hundreds of pounds of equipment to the roof rack. This isn’t 2015 anymore. These days, the world’s most portable kayaks, bicycles, and paddleboards can fit inside a Smart Car. Now you can add jetboards to that list with Lampuga’s eagerly anticipated Air.

The Lampuga Air Inflatable Jetboard is essentially an electric surfboard that combines elements of traditional surfing with the speed and control of a Back to the Future-esque hoverboard. The integrated 3.7-kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers an emission-free electric motor with an impressive 14 horsepower (roughly 50kg of thrust) on tap. Acceleration is near-instantaneous and, at full throttle, riders can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour without the need for pesky waves or wind. That power is managed through a handheld Bluetooth remote control, and a magnetic kill switch guarantees an added degree of safety. Lampuga promises up to 45 minutes of ride time on a two-hour charge. Because the battery is removable, it’s easily detached to recharge or clip in a second, already charged pack to keep the party going.

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Lampuga Air Inflatable Jetboard

What truly sets the Air Jetboard apart, however, is its portability courtesy of a two-part, Red Dot Award-winning design. When deflated, the hull folds down to fit into a standard automotive trunk. Unfurled, it’s comparable to a full-sized surfboard at more than 7.5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. Double-layer PVC construction ensures the hull is sturdy and durable enough to survive everything short of a shark attack. The battery pack slots into a cut-out section at the rear of the hull. The entire jetboard tops 100 pounds, with the battery accounting for almost half of that.

Lampuga Air Inflatable Jetboard

Lampuga has yet to announce official pricing for the all-new jetboard, but luxury outdoor toys like this are rarely cheap. In light of the fact that previous Air models have retailed for nearly $14,000, we expect this next-gen version could cost almost as much as a new Toyota Yaris. But, there’s no denying the Air will be a whole lot more fun to ride.

If money is no object and you prefer your jet-powered fun with a bit more altitude, check out Gravity Industries’ Daedalus Jet Suit.

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