The Best Telescopes for Beginners on Amazon

Aside from the second sip of your new favorite beer and the first time you experienced Eric Clapton’s guitar solo on The Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps, there is nothing that compares to exploring a clear night sky with a telescope. The best telescopes for beginners are an excellent way to get right into touring the skies and seeing the best our solar system has to offer.

It’s quite humbling, or mentally balancing for that matter, to look upon a breathtaking tessellate of stars and planets above. It’s a place less traveled that a man can, and must, explore. “What’s the best way to begin my journey?” you might ask. It’s simple: Pick up a serviceable telescope, head into your backyard or travel to your neighborhood park, and look through the spyglass.

Overly complex telescopes with hidden accessories and over-the-top features can really get in the way of you enjoying your acclimation to scoping the skies. The best telescopes for beginners will be visually efficient, provide enough power to scope the infinite sky above you, but also hold a cost effective price tag. You never know if you’ll end up dropping the hobby or loving it to the point where you want to invest in something with more tech features. 

Regardless of your endeavors, though, we’ve compiled a list of the best telescopes for beginners that gather light from beyond and reflect it for your eyes to see. 

Gskyer Telescope – $96

Gskyer Telescope

When you’re just getting into stargazing, you don’t need equipment that’s too fancy. Gskyer’s telescope isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, but it will provide you with enough power and portability to get acquainted with your new hobby, the right way. It features a fully coated optics glass lens that projects full and detailed imagery of the night sky, along with two eyepieces and a Barlow lens for added magnification.


  • Provides perfect balance between price and performance
  • Includes a smartphone adapter for taking and saving detailed images
  • Comes with portable tripod and carry bag for easy portability

Orion SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope – $310 

Orion SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope

Maybe you’ve had some experience looking into the night sky before and you’re committed to continuing your journey through the stars. In that case, Orion offers a high-tech yet affordable telescope for beginners that provides everything you need for heading out into your backyard or your local hillside for a nighttime stargazing session, from an effective EQ-2 mount to track objects and a sturdy, portable tripod, to a high-performance 130ST scope and an optimal aperture reflector for pristine views of everything from planets to stars and the Moon.


  • High-tech for more beginners who plan on sticking with using a telescope
  • EQ-2 telescope mount and adjustable tripod allows manual tracking of celestial objects
  • Includes features like a two 1.25 inch Sirius Plossl eyepieces, a durable 6×30 finder scope, and Starry Night astronomy software, among others

Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope – $67 

Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope

The Celestron telescope is one of the best telescopes for beginners because it boasts a number of features that are designed specifically for a user-friendly experience. Not only do you get two different-sized, high-quality eyepieces, Celestron includes a star diagonal that provides clear results whether you’re viewing distant landscapes during the day or at night. Complement that with a professionally engineered refractor and a spacious storage backpack for easy carrying, and you’re set for every stargazing session ahead.


  • Equipped with Starry Night astronomy software to help you learn your way around the night sky
  • Features optimal aperture for professional grade, high-resolution viewing
  • A great budget option for the whole family

TELMU Telescope – $70

TELMU Telescope

The TELMU telescope also sets itself apart from many others by including a phone adapter for added viewing features and the ability to photograph your findings. Not only is it exciting, but being able to go back to your stargazing the next day keeps your intrigue front and center and can really push your hobby to the next level. It boasts two high-magnifying eyepieces and a lightweight build, a carrying backpack, and a tripod for added transportation. The only downside is the tripod is a little shaky which can make it difficult to focus on objects in the sky without a grounded foundation.


  • High-magnifying lenses and bright images provide unparalleled stargazing
  • Tripod rotates 360 degrees but can be shaky if not on level ground
  • Delivered with a backpack and carrying box for safe and easy portability

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