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Step up your ride this year with our best snowboard bindings

Complete the link between your boots and board with the best snowboard bindings this winter

Tom Kilpatrick
A London-born outdoor enthusiast, Tom took the first ticket out of suburban life. What followed was a twelve-year career as…
Take your favorite two-wheelers anywhere with the best bike racks of 2023
Whatever your next great adventure destination, you need a safe, reliable way to get your favorite two-wheelers from A to B.
Saris MTR 2 Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

It’s hard to believe after the neverending winter most of the country experienced, but we just finally (finally!) marked the official beginning of spring here in the northern hemisphere. That also means the start of the outdoor season (unless you’re the sort of masochist who relishes hiking, kayaking, cycling, and the like in sub-zero temperatures). What's wrong with you?

Whatever brand of adventuring you're into, you no doubt have plenty of gear to tote on your upcoming excursions. That means you need a way to transport all that gear safely and, if you're a cyclist, you need a way to transport your two-wheeler from the garage to the trail. From hitch-mounted bike racks to specialized e-bike racks to more traditional roof-based alternatives, here are the best bike racks worth buying in 2023.

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Up your hydration game with one of the best insulated water bottles
Keep your drinks chilled in the sun and warm on cold days with these insulated water bottles
Taking a break from hiking to drink some water from an insulated water bottle

Spring is finally here again, and it's time to think about upgrading your hydration situation. Let's face it, we're all guilty of neglecting to drink water when we're hitting the slopes in negative 20, but as the sun comes out, there's no excuse. Whether you're looking to make the most of late-season ski touring trips or digging out those hiking shoes to hit the newly snow-free trails, you need a quality water bottle to keep you hydrated.

And if we're looking at true quality, thirst-quenching options, well, then they just have to be insulated. On hot days, you can look forward to that cool drink in the shade to take the edge off, while on cold spring afternoons, you can put a little warmth in your water bottle and don't give yourself a severe case of ice cream head with every sip. These might sound like minor issues, but be real; do you really want to drink a freezing cold drink on a cold day or take a gulp of water that's been warming in your hiking pack all day? Of course you don't. You want the best insulated water bottle you can get.

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The best rugged tablets for your hardcore, on-the-go lifestyle in 2023
Spills, drops, bumps, shocks, dust, and locust swarms are no match for these go-anywhere tablets
Rugget tablet with an outdoor scene in the background

The iPad is a beautiful tablet that inspires long lines of customers to buy every new model. But what if you need something more serious, more durable? When you're taking your tablet to work or on a road trip, do you hold your breath, praying you won't drop it or get it wet or the display won't crack? When you hand it to a child (or dog or your significant other) to distract them for a minute, do you wonder if it will still function when you get it back? What you need is a rugged tablet.

Rugged tablets do exist. Our best rugged tablets not only make the great travel gifts for men, but they also offer excellent service, top-notch graphics, and most of all, a durable exterior that won't break just from looking at it. Let's find the right one for you.

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