Saturdays NYC Adds New Staple Products to its Grooming Collection

It’s not even been a decade and Saturdays NYC has basically taken over the world. OK, maybe not the world, but the men’s lifestyle brand has established quite a  presence across the U.S., Australia, and Japan. With the humble beginnings as a surf-and-coffee shop on the cobblestoned Crosby Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, Saturdays NYC quickly expanded its streamlined offering into an effortlessly simple, yet impeccably cool collection of shirts, pants, shoes, swim trunks, and more.

So, it only made sense that, when supplying the laissez faire type with their staple wardrobe, they would end up keeping them clean and well-groomed as well.

saturdays nyc soap

This week the company announced new additions to its well-loved grooming collection, including soaps and shaving cream. We spoke with co-founders Colin Tunstall and Morgan Collett about what this expansion means to them.

“The products we offer are always an extension of our lives,” Colin tells us. “We’re always on the go and very active, whether it be traveling or getting in a surf session before work. We wanted to create a line of essentials that should be found in any dopp kit. We’ve always carried grooming products in our stores, and as we have grown, it’s time for us to put our own personal perspective on the products that we were carrying.”

“When we create any product, we think with a global mindset,” Morgan adds. “Japan has an extremely strict guideline when it comes to ingredients in products. Several ingredients that you may find in American products are prohibited in Japan. With that in mind, we strive to make our grooming products with the most natural ingredients as possible while offering the same luxury feeling that expensive products provide.”

Saturdays NYC Moisturizing Bar Soap is formulated with shea and mango seed butter to soothe and moisturize dry skin, while the Exfoliating Bar Soap gently cleanses and repairs skin with finely-ground oatmeal kernels and added Vitamin E.

“I love the feeling of my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated,” Morgan says of using his exfoliating soap everyday in the shower. Colin adds, “I use both the moisturizing and exfoliating soaps everyday during the winter. I used to use our Clay Pomade daily, but have switched to our Grooming Cream now that I’m growing my hair out.”

saturdays nyc shaving cream

Soothing, hydrating Shaving Cream rounds out the new additions to the collection. It’s packed with Vitamins A and E and Coconut oil provides a silky surface for a close shave while almond oil works as a natural moisturizer helping combat stress, UV damage, and potential acne flare-ups.

“I have a beard roughly 30 percent of the time, so the other 70 percent I am clean shaven,” Morgan says. “I always use our shave cream in the morning, and sometimes at night before I head out. It’s a perfect lather and soothing shave cream that leaves my face feeling moisturized and smooth.”

Both the soaps and the shave cream feature a light fragrance with notes of sandalwood, grapefruit, lavender, and cedar wood. Colin prefers to keep it close to home when it comes to scents. “We worked with a fragrance house in New York and wanted to come up with a scent that left our customer feeling clean, refreshed and relaxed.”

All Saturdays NYC grooming products are cruelty-free and produced in the U.S. The entire Saturdays NYC grooming range is available at all of their locations internationally, as well as online.


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