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Lumin Is Finding Safe, Eco-Friendly Ways to Add SPF Protection to Its Products

The fact of the matter is, SPF protection should be year-round. Many people think they need to lather up only when outdoors for extended periods of time, but any kind of unprotected exposure to UV rays poses long-term risks of skin discoloration and increased signs of aging. Luckily, our culture has done quite well over the past several years in creating awareness of the dangers of skin damage and how to prevent it from happening.

Los Angeles-based skincare company Lumin is one of the brands furthering the conversation on healthy skincare routines for men. This past week, Lumin announced it was rolling out its first-ever moisturizer with SPF protection, the UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm.

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Compared to Lumin’s Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer, the

UV-Defense Balm

builds off of the award-winning product by incorporating SPF 30 to shield wearers from sun damage. It’s worth noting the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends daily wear of SPF 30 as the appropriate amount to protect against skin cancer and sunburn.

What makes the UV-Defense Balm unique is how Lumin maintains the same level of quality that its other moisturizers have. Lumin uses a non-nano zinc oxide mineral-based sunscreen, meaning you won’t look like a ghost after application. Other ingredients include a vitamin-rich papaya extract that rejuvenates and tightens the skin and a rosemary extract that provides natural antioxidant properties to shield from free-radical damage and boost skin elasticity and smoothness.

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Sustainable SPF: Rethinking How Sunscreens Are Made

Lumin is also taking the time to make sure its SPF products are environmentally friendly. Over the years, scientists have found many of the chemicals in traditional sunscreens wear off our bodies and into the water, thus negatively affecting marine wildlife. 

The opportunity for brands to lead in sustainability efforts makes all the difference. Lumin highlights its coral reef-safe

UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm

with supplemental education on how consumers can maximize its SPF products without compromising our oceans. Common practices like seeking a period of shade from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses are some of the suggestions Lumin recommends for responsibly using its UV-Defense Balm.

Similar to how it researched the AAD’s recommended SPF 30, Lumin is also relaying public announcements from the National Ocean Service (NOS).

The NOS created a campaign to raise awareness on the relationship between skincare chemicals and coral reefs so people can see how sunscreens directly affect different marine wildlife. The organization states not to overdo it when applying SPFs and instead recommends using the same practices Lumin mentions, like finding shade spots and wearing sun-shielding garments.

Lumin is going above and beyond in combining baseline education with an SPF moisturizer that’s environmentally safe. The UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm is a product that offers a win-win for both our oceans and the user. For us, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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