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Meridian Prime Day Sale: Save 25% off the Best Manscaping Products

Meridian has become a star grooming brand in recent months thanks to its no-frills manscaping products that are a bit cheaper and — according to some satisfied Amazon customers — more effective than competitors like Manscaped (which you’ve probably seen in countless Hulu ads). For guys who are curious about trying Meridian out, there’s never been a better time to do so. Meridian has unveiled a special Prime Day sale on October 13 and 14. Simply use code PRIMEDAY25 to get 25% off all the brand’s products. That’s great news for guys who want to invest in their manscaping regimen. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you (as always). Ahead are some of the best deals from Meridian’s Prime Day sale, so you can begin keeping your body hair well-groomed without breaking the bank.

Meridian The Maintenance Package — $71, was $95

Here’s the perfect starter pack to get your family jewels … in order. This bundle includes Meridian’s bestselling products: trimmer, anti-odor spray, and two backup blades so you can keep manscaping on the regular.

Meridian The Comfort Package — $75, was $100

For the best value bundle, snag the Korean-made brand’s comfort package, which includes the aforementioned essentials, along with a pair of ultra comfy boxer briefs that are designed to keep your nether regions packed and secured without any chafing or odors.

Meridian The Trimmer — $45, was $60

If you want to just stick with the basics, then you can’t go wrong with picking up Meridian’s signature trimmer. It’s waterproof, and is less likely to cause nicks and snags (which also means eventual ingrown hairs) than other legacy trimmers. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can use it fresh out of the shower when tending to your nether region.

Meridian The Spray — $11, was $15

Other anti-crotch-odor products we’ve tried mostly came with rather gaudy packaging. Not so with Meridian’s tasteful spray, which comes in a wine red hue, and features ingredients like moringa pterygosperma seed extract (to fight chafing), witch hazel (reduces redness), and green tea leaf extract.

Make sure to use code PRIMEDAY25 to get 25% off Meridian’s products. Also, check out The Manual’s Grooming Awards 2020 for more of the best grooming products for men.

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