The 2018 World Cup Bracket of Beer

world cup 2018
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We get it, soccer isn’t for everyone. Know what is for (practically) everyone, though? Drinking! That’s why, in order to determine the 2018 World Cup winner, we’ve put together a bracket that features a beer from every country participating in the event. Don’t give a damn about soccer? Make your choices based on the beers we’ve selected.

Unlike a true World Cup bracket, this one takes no knowledge of soccer and you get to learn about beers from around the world in the process.

It literally couldn’t be simpler. Fill out one of these brackets and let us know in the comments who you’ve picked.

Note: As you’ll see many of these countries are known for their strong brewing traditions both on an international and craft scale. We most likely haven’t picked your favorite beer. It’ll be okay, though: you now get a chance to try something new.

Group A

Russia – Baltika #3

world cup bracket beer baltika 3

A Russian standard, Baltika is the second-largest brewery in Europe. Baltika produces a range of beers (named, simply, #1, #2, et cetera), with #3 being the most popular since the mid-90s. Baltika #3 is a pale lager that you’re sure to see in the stands during the World Cup.

Saudi Arabia – N/A

As a predominantly Muslim country, Saudi Arabia completely bans alcohol. While a few people might produce it under the cover of darkness, the country as a whole is against it. There has already been controversy surrounding this during this World Cup.

Egypt – Sakara Weizen

world cup bracket beer h2 1

When your country is more than 90-percent desert, you’re going to want a beer that will easily slake your thirst. This Weizen beer by Sakara does just that. With a crisp body and a refreshing finish, you really can’t beat it when it’s a thousand degrees outside.

Uruguay – Davok IPA

world cup bracket beer davok ipa

Made by one of Uruguay’s most popular breweries, Davok IPA is an American-style IPA that (thanks to its 6.2% ABV) cuts through the heat and humidity of summer. Hop-forward, the malt body rounds Davok IPA out into an easy-drinking beer.

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