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This New Gin Claims It Won’t Give You a Hangover

ves spirits gin
Hangovers suck. There is literally no way around that. Sure, when you’re twenty-one you might be able to bounce back and go get some Bojangles like nothing happened, but for those of us that are creeping towards, or already beyond, our thirties, we know hangovers are worse than watching your favorite team lose in Game 7 in overtime on slow motion repeat while someone is beating you senseless with a hammer.

This is why, when V.E.S. Spirits unveiled their new gin that purports to not give you a hangover, we were intrigued to say the least.

Gin and no hangover? It sounds too good to be true. According to founder Darryl Tombleson, it’s not. It exists and it’s called V.E.S.

Originally named The Vitamin Alcohol Company, Tombleson’s goal was to provide a top-quality beverage that was also, in some ways, good for you. It wouldn’t make your bones stronger or anything, but it would help you after a night on the town.

V.E.S. gin is an organic gin that is crafted in the Hunter Valley in Australia using a thousand-year-old recipe (according to Tombleson). It is created using a sugar cane base that is grown in nutrient-dense soil, which is enriched with B and C vitamins. These vitamins, according to Tombleson, are key when it comes to combating dehydration while drinking. This, combined with a unique filtration process for their water (and the fact that the spirit is distilled six times), he says, create a beverage that will not give you a hangover.

The gin is flavored with a few unique ingredients, namely: organic finger limes, pepper berry, coriander, and cranberry, giving it a smooth yet surprisingly flavorful taste. Crisp and clean, V.E.S. Gin is best served ice cold and sipped.

The question is, will it actually not give you a hangover? Within reason, this seems to be the case. According to Tombleson, they surveyed 1,000 drinkers the day after drinking the stuff, and the results were positive. Obviously, for most, two or three shots won’t do it, but Tombleson said some were taking seven or eight and still not feeling ill-effects. That being said, drinking a bottle of the stuff, no matter how pure, will surely still give you a hangover. Or a trip to the hospital.

If you think V.E.S. gin is for you, it is available for $99 in New York, California, and London, though Tombleson says he hopes to expand into more states in 2018.

If you do end up getting a hangover (from this or anything else), though, check out the most luxurious cures here. (You can also just make a Corpse Reviver.)

Feature image courtesy of V.E.S./Facebook.

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