Spirit Education at Moonshine University

We don’t know about you, but our college major might as well have been beer. Okay, maybe a minor at most, but you have to admit those red cups all on the lawn were a pretty impressive site to see come Sunday morning. As adults, there are a multitude of beer and wine classes you can take, everything from tasting to making. But did you ever think you could get a bonafide education in liquor distillery from someone other than your neighbor running an illegal gin operation out of his bathtub? Enter Moonshine University!

Whether you’re an aspiring distiller with a background in the craft or a first-time student looking to gain a little hands-on experience, Moonshine University at the Distilled Spirits Epicenter in Louisville, KY offers classes and workshops for spirit aficionados of all levels. The school is a member of the Kentucky Distillers Association, so they also offer research and training opportunities to develop the state’s distilling industry. That means better booze for everyone.

Working Stills at Moonshine University

What classes can you sign up for at Moonshine U? Now is the time to take notes as there are four different types of courses available. Two-hour enthusiast classes are for those who want to learn more about their favorite spirits like gin and bourbon. They cover history of the spirit, lesser known stories, sensory evaluations and a tour of the distillery. Enthusiast workshops are seven hour affairs where you spend a day in the distillery as they show you the ins and outs of making spirits like bourbon and moonshine. For professionals, the distiller courses and workshops are longer, more in depth sessions to give comprehensive training in the areas of production, business management and industry best practices.

If you’re already a spirit enthusiast, it’s time to educate your interests. Check out Moonshine University’s schedule here, and take some classes that are actually useful in real life.

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