If You Like Hops, You’ll Love Schlafly Double IPA

schlafly double ipa
Schlafly Beer/Instagram
Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, has been around since 1991. While 26 may seem young, that’s very, very old in craft brewery years. With that pedigree, it would be easy for Schlafly to sit back and coast at this stage of existence, letting its core line of beers carry the brand forward. But the world of beer is anything but stagnant, and Schlafly isn’t afraid to move and change with the times.

One of the best examples of Schlafly’s ability to reinvent itself is its 2017 Hop Allocation Series. Throughout the year, the St. Louis institution has been releasing a new India Pale Ale every six weeks highlighting 12 very different hop varieties. One of the standouts in the series is the succinctly named Schlafly Double IPA. As you might expect with the style, this beer packs a whopping 10 percent ABV and a welcome 80 IBU (international bitterness units). Double IPA is effectively double the brand’s core IPA with twice the amount of hops as the flagship brew.

Other Hop Allocation Series beers include the Rye IPA, Farmhouse IPA, Caraway IPA, and the initial release Black IPA. Schlafly’s ambassador brewer Stephen Hale explained the basis of the series and how Double IPA fares in comparison.

“The Hop Allocation series showcases the depth of flavors and distinct characteristics of different hops,” Hale says. “Some of the beers in the line-up are an introduction to hoppy beers, but this one is for the true hop lover.”

Like the standard Schlafly IPA, big brother Double IPA utilizes chinook, mosaic and simcoe hops. From chinook, you should anticipate grapefruit, spice, and piney notes. Mosaic lends itself to earthy, floral, and citrus-like fruity flavors. Simcoe hops bring along sensations similar to passion fruit, pine, and berries.

Schlafly Double IPA is available now for purchase throughout Schlafly’s distribution area in bottled six-packs, as well as by the glass and growler at select draft locations. If you’re in the St. Louis region, you can buy Double IPA from the mothership directly at the Schlafly Tap Room or Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.

Feature image courtesy of Schlafly Beer/Instagram

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