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Off to College? You Can’t Afford to Miss This Food Storage Set Deal

Rubbermaid Flex Seal 42-piece Food Storage Set on a white background.

Food storage isn’t the most exciting of things to buy, but if you’re off to college, you need the Rubbermaid Flex Seal 42-piece Food Storage Set available at Walmart right now. Normally priced at $25, it’s down to just $21 and it’s going to revolutionize how you prepare food. Snap it up now while stocks last.

Picking out the best meal prep containers is a vital way to cut down on food waste, time preparing meals, and generally proving more convenient in every way. One of the many essential kitchen tools and appliances you need, especially when heading back to school, this Rubbermaid Flex Seal 42-piece Food Storage Set is incredibly flexible with the options it provides you with.

Each container includes leak-proof and flexible lids that are easy to press closed and pull open. With an easy-find system, they snap onto the container base too so you can find a lid without worrying about misplacing it somewhere. The square, graduated-size containers all nest together too so you get more storage space in your cupboards when you’re not using them.

Other features include the fact that the Rubbermaid Flex Seal 42-piece Food Storage Set is all made from durable and crystal-clear triton plastic bases that are shatterproof and stain and odor-resistant so these will last you a long time. It’s those little things that make the set fantastic value as you won’t have to worry about buying more food storage for a long time to come.

If you’re worried about plastic use, don’t be. These bases and lids are all BPA-free as well as freezer and top=rack dishwasher safe. The bases are microwave safe too for when you need to reheat a meal or snack.

Normally priced at $25, the Rubbermaid Flex Seal 42-piece Food Storage Set is down to just $21 in time for you to head back to school. If you’re serious about your meal prep or saving your leftovers, this set will save you plenty of money in the long term.

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