You Can Adopt a Puffin this Summer with Reyka Vodka (Seriously)

puffins iceland
Jolan Wathelet

Adopting a puffin may sound like something you suggest after too many martinis, but Icelandic vodka distillers Reyka want to help you become a legitimate “Puffin Daddy.”

Reyka Vodka announced a new partnership with the National Audubon Foundation to raise awareness of the risk of endangered puffins going extinct (we know, we’re sad about it, too). You can pitch in to help by “adopting” a puffin for as little as $1.

Nicknamed “sea parrots,” puffins are adorable, badass little seabirds who spend most of their lives swimming. Sixty percent of the world’s population breeds in Iceland — Reyka’s proud home — but due to overhunting and climate change, Iceland’s puffin population has been nearing extinction.

“Since Reyka Vodka is made of Iceland, and puffins are an integral part of Icelandic culture, it’s important for us as a brand to help puffins in any way we can,” says Trevor Schneider, Brand Ambassador for Reyka Vodka. “Our Adopt-a-Puffin initiative will further prevent the extinction of these beautiful seabirds while allowing Reyka Vodka drinkers to make a difference and become puffin parents.”

reyka vodka puffins

Being a puffin parent sounds easier than being a real parent, TBH. Do both, whatever, but adopting a puffin only costs $1-$50. The donation scale ranges from:

  • $1Bird Buddy: Downloadable file of the puffin
  • $10 Feathered Friend: Downloadable file of the puffin and a pin
  • $25 Avian Angel: Downloadable file of the puffin, a pin, and a T-shirt
  • $50 Puffin Daddy: Downloadable file of the puffin, a pin, two T-shirts, and a hat

From now on I will only respond to “Puffin Daddy.” Anyway…

This giving-back initiative by Reyka reinforces their overarching pride and love for the land in a way that gets us, the vodka imbiber, involved. (We’ll be framing our puffin picture and photoshopping it in our holiday card, thanks for asking.)

“Adopt-a-Puffin” will only run through summer and fall of 2019, so adopt one now.

Then, you can celebrate fatherhood with a glass of really good, crisp vodka from the homeland of your adopted puffin.

Reyka says their vodka is not only made in Iceland but of Iceland. It’s really cool; the vodka is distilled from glacial water and then filtered with lava rocks to remove impurities and provide a clean, crisp taste. Reyka’s distilling process ends with a rare Carter-Head Still, the first and only one of its kind used to distill vodka. Their distillery just outside Reykjavik also employs geothermal energy from the steam of nearby hot springs.

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