Review: New to Market Extra Añejo Tequila, Código 1530 Origen

Código, Tequila-Codigo-1530-Origen
Extra Añejo tequilas—those aged at least three years and matured in 600 liter or less oak barrels—are relatively new to the agave spirits scene. The category as a whole has only been around since 2006 and since then, many companies have begun to proffer their takes on the spirit.

Código 1530 Origen is one of the longest-aged EA tequilas on the market at six years in barrels. While six years may not seem like much to a Scotch whisky drinker, it’s quite a long time for a tequila (most EA tequilas fall closer to the three year mark).

The distillery’s name comes from the centuries-old codes—codígos—that the distilling family in charge of creating the tequilas followed and continue to follow in order to produce a premium spirit.

Appearance Código 1530 Origen is a deep amber.

Nose Old wood and the sweetness of cooked agave are prevalent. These notes are underpinned by caramel and just the slightest hint of vanilla, thanks to the length in the cask. 

Palate There is a definite bit of oak tannin in Origen, which dries the mouth out slightly, yet somehow there also manages to be a little bit of oiliness to it, too. It sticks to your gums and teeth and it’s easy to imagine it coating your throat when you swallow. There are distinct flavors of dried fruits that mix well with, again, the sweetness of cooked agave.

Finish A longish, smooth finish that sticks around, filling the mouth with dried fruit flavors and a little bit of warmth on the back end.

Final Thoughts If you’re a whisk(e)y fan that wants to try new spirits out (and are turned off by tequilas because of one too many college run-ins with mixtos—tequilas that are typically made of 51% agave and 49% sugar spirit), an extra añejo tequila is a great place to start. With similar oak, vanilla, and dried fruit notes, you’ll find yourself in familiar company. Origen is a good marker of these flavors and one, if you’ve got the cash, to definitely check out.

Código 1530 Origen is 40% ABV and retails for $300.

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