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PrepDeck Makes Meal Prep Work a Breeze

Meal prepping — and we’re not talking about meal prepping a week of meals at a time, though it still does apply in the long run — can suck. According to the USDA, Americans spend an average of 37 minutes per day prepping for and cleaning up meals (though that number varies widely according to age and socioeconomic background, as you can see from the article).

Regardless of the number, it is still a significant amount of time that, in our busy lives, we might be able to use doing other things. If we do use it elsewhere, we’re most likely sacrificing the healthiness of the food we’re about to eat. It’s a hell of a lot easier to throw a frozen meal in the microwave than to create a fresh dish, after all.

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Now, a new kitchen accessory, Prepdeck, is here to try and help alleviate some of the stress of meal prepping (as well as helping with cleanup).

On the surface, Prepdeck is quite simple – it is a self-contained space you put on your counter or kitchen table where you can prepare your meals. It isn’t hard, though, to see just how useful Prepdeck can be when you have to prep multiple ingredients.

The first feature is the cutting board, which folds up and over the rest of the Prepdeck when not in use. It slides out for easy cleanup when you’re done (or for replacing with a backup board). Along the back, Prepdeck features 15 containers for ingredients, meaning that you don’t have to worry about finding tons of extra bowls for the carrots, onions, garlic, et cetera. The containers also feature measurements on the side, thus eliminating the need for extra measuring cups. The containers are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, microwavable, shatter-resistant, and antibacterial.


Hidden inside the Prepdeck are attachments for the containers, which allow for peeling, grating, zesting, juicing, garlic pressing, and more. You simply pop one of the attachments onto the top of a container and you’re good to go.

Under the storage containers, a trash drawer makes it easy to chop ends or peels and push them away, disposing of them later. When not in use, it doubles as a space for smaller utensils.

As an added bonus, if you frequently use your smart device there is a stand available that slides onto the back of the Prepdeck.


Prepdeck comes in three size options. The original Prepdeck retails for $119, the Prepdeck+ (which includes an additional large container, a mobile device stand, and an additional cutting board) retails for $169, while the top-of-the-line set, the Prepdeck Pro (which comes with everything the Prepdeck+ does in addition to a second extra cutting board and a transport bag) retails for $229.  Prepdeck and the cutting boards also come in a variety of colors to match the style of your kitchen.

You can purchase any version of the Prepdeck system from the link below.

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