Mail-Order Meat: Where to Order Quality Meat Online

If you thought the only food you could have delivered to your door was pizza, then you’re living in the past. In today’s go-go, Wi-Fi, dubstep, tandem bike world, there are all sorts of eats you can order for delivery, including an amazing array of gourmet meats.

In the past, mail-order meat was something of an expensive luxury item usually reserved for gifting or for impromptu orders by first-class airline passengers idly flipping through SkyMall. Today direct-to-your-door meat delivery is comparable to shopping for cuts in the store, price wise. You will have to sacrifice the folksy banter you and your butcher have enjoyed for all these years, though.

(To be fair, you can still get über-expensive meats delivered to your door, if you want. The Exotic Meat Market offers everything from alpaca to otter to freaking lion meat, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you are, one pound of “farm-raised lion” will cost you $50,000.)

Even if you have reservations about having meats delivered to you rather than hand-picking them yourself, online meat orders may well replace those trips to the grocery store when you see the array of foods available from these fine delivery companies. You’ll just need to plan your meals ahead of time and free up some freezer space.

karv beef pinwheel

Right now, my freezer is stocked with no fewer than 10 different meats from Karv, a company that popped onto my radar earlier the year and then immediately won my prestigious seal of approval. Meaning I got food from them — food like the Beef Spinach Pinwheel (pictured above), a prepared entree of tender beef coiled around layers of spinach and mozzarella cheese, Frenched Pork Chop, and a Beef Rib Eye Steak. Karv offers an impressive range meats sourced entirely from U.S.-born and raised animals, and much of what they sell is organic. What gives Karv a leg up over many competitors is the brand’s comprehensive approach to meal planning. You can set up a customized monthly meat delivery that will perfectly suit your household, and every box comes with a beautifully-illustrated and well-written “Gourmand’s Guide” pamphlet packed with information about the meats and excellent recipe ideas (think Chicken Pineapple Skewers or Korean Beef Tip Bowl) that will help you make the most of your meats.


Omaha Steaks
omaha steaks
Omaha Steaks/Facebook

My first experience with Omaha Steaks came in the form of a wedding present, which was doubly great for me because my wife is a vegetarian (which apparently my college buddy didn’t know when he chose the gift). For her, less great, but at least there were also four serving of Potatoes au Gratin included. I’ve since used Omaha Steak orders as gifts for others and for myself. The selection of meats this OG meat delivery company offers (they have been in the meat business for a century and have been delivering via mail since 1952!) is not as wild as some of the more recent upstarts, but I’ll say this: You can count on quality with Omaha Steaks. And the prices for most meats are a great deal. You can get an order of 32 burgers and dogs for $99, for example, which comes out to just a buck fifty per serving. They also have great curated gift boxes, but tan get a bit more pricey.


Snake River Farms
snake river farms steak
Snake River Farms

A lot of mail and online meat order companies offer a lot of different types of meat. But not Snake River Farms. No, this service and its partner, the Double R Ranch, offer only beef and pork products, and they do so with mastery. Try the all-beef American Wagyu Hot Dogs, for example. Try the American Wagyu Black Grade Boneless Eye of Ribeye Roast too. Or the Korubota Pork Porterhouse. And so on. Snake River Farms meats aren’t what you would call cheap, but they are what you would call exceptional. If you’re hosting a dinner party or looking to impress a date, spend the cash and get some of the best beef and/or pork you will have tasted outside a top-tier chophouse.


Heritage Foods
heritage foods
Heritage Foods USA/Facebook

Here’s the first thing you should know about Heritage Foods: Their food ain’t cheap. But the second thing you need to know outweighs to first: Their meats are superlative. Bucking the temptation to produce as much meat as possible at the lowest possible expense, the farms behind Heritage Foods rely on livestock raised using “old-school genetics on pasture.” What the means is that their animals grow at a slow, natural pace. There’s no bulking up with corn and soy, never any added hormones or drugs, and the animals are not cross-bred for rapid growth, but are heritage breeds long prized (like centuries long) for their quality. You have to pay more for meats that take extra time and effort to raise, but you will taste the difference.


Harry & David
harry and david honey orange duck breast
Harry & David

Yeah, Harry & David is the pear delivery company. (Great pears, by the way.) And they also offer lots of sausage and cheese and cracker gift baskets that are a bit, well, cheesy. But did you know these guys also have a pretty amazing array of meats available for order? Like Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp, Honey Orange Duck Breasts, Bourbon-Peppercorn Marinated Steak, and Lobster Tail, to name just a few. The prices here are quite high, so know that going in. However, the selection is wide enough that you might find options available only Harry & David, like Lobster Pot Pie. You can also add wine to orders, and that’s a good thing.

Don’t forget: We’ve already got recipes for steak and for chicken teriyaki if you’re of the mind of getting all of your ingredients online!

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