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5 festive mocktails for a sober New Year’s Eve

Going sober this New Year's Eve doesn't have to be boring with these delicious drinks

It’s an odd thing to think of something like sobriety as “trendy” because for some, it’s so much more than that. For some, sobriety is survival. For others, those for whom addiction is not an ever-present monster, the sober movement that’s been getting bigger and louder in recent years is simply a healthier, safer, occasional alternative to drinking alcohol. Where celebratory or even regular drunkenness was once the accepted norm, we’re starting to see a shift. Sober celebrities like Matthew Perry, Dax Shepard, and Chrissy Teigen have started to stir things up by speaking out against the dangers of regular intoxication and potential addiction. It even became normal for stressed-out moms to have their drunken day in the sun, parading their daily bottles of chardonnay loudly and proudly with everything from T-shirts to kitschy home decor. Now, even those things are becoming more taboo.

Through the increased popularity of mocktails and sober bars popping up in big cities, sobriety is becoming more mainstream, and we’re here for it. Even if addiction isn’t your burden, moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’ve chosen sobriety for the day, the month, or a lifetime, these are some of the most delicious mocktails you can mix up on the night of the big ball drop. Going alcohol-free doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with that boring old bottle of sparkling apple cider. New Year’s Eve drinks can have all the fun, festive flavor sans the booze. These are a few of our favorite nonalcoholic drinks to help you ring in the new year in sober style.

Fruity Pomegranate Mocktail

Glasses of Fruity Pomegranate Mocktails
My Chefs Apron

(From My Chefs Apron)

This beautifully fresh and fruity nonalcoholic drink is perfect for a celebration. Its gorgeous color and silky texture will look gorgeous on your table.

Blueberry Ginger Lime New Year’s Mocktail

Blueberry Ginger Lime New Year's Mocktail
Orchids + Sweet Tea/Facebook

(From Orchids + Sweet Tea)

These fruity, fizzy mocktails pack a punch of flavor and sweetness. Serve a big batch of these and we promise: No one will be missing the alcohol.

Virgin Cosmopolitan

Two glasses of virgin cosmopolitan martinis surrounded by holly sprigs
The Mindful Mocktail

(From The Mindful Mocktail)

Even with all of the delicious alcohol-free flavor options available now, sometimes you just want a classic — and it doesn’t get much more classic than a cosmo. This virgin version will have you sipping the night away, but without the hangover.

Salted Caramel White Russian Mocktail

Salted Caramel White Russian Mocktail

(From Tesco Real Food

With a little caffeine kick to help you make it to midnight, this delicious mocktail is a sweet, creamy treat that drinks almost like a dessert.

Virgin Muddled Kiwi Mojito

Virgin Muddled Kiwi Mojito
La Fuji Mama

(From La Fuji Mama)

The fresh kiwi in this mocktail makes for such a pretty presentation. We love the fruity, fresh color and zip of lime with mint. Pro tip: Even the kiddos will absolutely love this one. If you’ve got little ones, make a big batch so they can enjoy a special New Year’s Eve drink, too.

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