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A major change is coming to In-N-Out, and people have feelings

In-N-Out is expanding, and people are Double-Double excited about it

After years of excited whispers and rumors, it appears it’s finally happening. The popular California fast food chain, In-N-Out, will open its first location east of the Mississippi. The catch? Apparently, it won’t be happening until 2026. So don’t start studying that secret menu just yet.

In-N-Out is celebrated, and sometimes nearly worshiped by what can best be described as a near-religious following. To be sure, the food is delicious, but the conviction of the restaurant’s fanbase is intense, to say the least. Perhaps it’s due to the refreshingly old-fashioned simple menu. Maybe it’s the high standards of freshness the restaurant holds. It may also have something to do with every employee’s somehow always authentic smiles and warmth. And there is something to be said about being “in-the-know” on that secret menu. Whatever the reason, the burgers are damned good, and the more people who can enjoy them, the better.

While the burger joint is widely known as a California restaurant, it has branched out to other western states such as Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon over the years. The reason for the West coast clustering is the burger chain’s strict dedication to freshness. Adamantly against frozen beef or fries, their policy states that all In-N-Out burger locations must be within 300 miles of one of their meat distribution centers, currently located in only California and Texas. But not for long.

David Berkowitz/Flickr

In a recent statement, In-N-Out announced a new plan to open a new Eastern territory in Franklin, Tennessee. Expectedly, Southeasterners are thrilled. Social media has been absolutely buzzing with Tennessee locals celebrating the news. In addition to the delicious burgers brought to the state, local government is celebrating the nearly 300 new jobs this expansion will create in Williamson County. “I’m proud to welcome In-N-Out Burger, an iconic American brand, to the Volunteer State. Tennessee’s unmatched business climate, skilled workforce and central location make our state the ideal place for this family-run company to establish its first eastern United States hub. We thank In-N-Out for planting roots in Williamson County and creating new jobs for Tennesseans,” said Governor Bill Lee.

The opening of an Eastern territory office in Tennessee certainly expands the realm of possible future locations. No doubt, with what will surely be a successful launch of this newest territory, a few East coast locations can’t be far off.

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