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A Guide to Whiskey Decanters and the Best Ones to Buy

There’s just something about walking into someone’s home and finding a wet bar with a decanter full of golden-brown liquor. It gives a home a sort of serenity that can’t be described. A denatured bottle of whiskey gives the illusion of success and sophistication simply by changing up the vessel. Suddenly that cheap whiskey could be a 25-year Macallan as far as anyone knows.

However, it’s worth noting that a whiskey decanter’s functionality ends at making your whiskey look fashionable. Unlike wine decanters, which allow flavors to bloom through oxidation and remove sediment from older vintages, whiskey doesn’t benefit in the same way. It’s purely aesthetics when it comes to whiskey decanters. So, if you’re wanting to impress clients or just your friends from high school that said you’d never amount to anything, check out some of these excellent whiskey decanters.

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Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter

This Paksh Capitol glass decanter does the job at a great price. It features an airtight geometric stopper and sloped sides for a controlled grip. The smooth front and back make it a great option if you’re looking to get it engraved as a gift or for yourself. This decanter is proof you can be sophisticated without dropping major coin.

Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter

This Thomas Jefferson decanter from Ravenscroft will make an excellent conversation starter. It’s made from crystal and is an actual replica of one that Thomas Jefferson owned. The spouted top also makes for easy pouring, and the thinly designed neck will give you a sure grip.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Square Decanter

Waterford crystal is world-renowned for its crystal. For over 200 years, the Irish-born company has been perfecting the craft of elegant leaded crystal. If you’re a man of means, this is an excellent choice. With its classic design and unmatched heft and brawn, it’ll serve as a focal point of any room and an improvised weapon should the need arise. Just don’t put anything other than hard liquor in this, as acidic drinks like wine can leech out the lead making it hazardous to your health.

FineDine Twisted Whiskey Decanter Set

This twisted decanter and matching glasses from FineDine may become a test of your motor skills after a few drinks. But don’t let that deter you. Its twisted base provides more surface area on the bottom of the decanter and glasses, making them sturdier and harder to tip over. The lid is heavy and provides a tight seal, preventing any evaporation.

Bar340 Royal 26 Ounce Whisky Decanter

If you’re trying to beef up your wet bar on a budget, then you can’t beat this Bar 360 Royal Decanter. For under $10, only those with a discerning eye for barware will know. How many of your friends honestly fall under that category?

Shigoo Galaxy Whiskey Decanter Set

Are you looking for a decanter set that’s out of this world? Sorry for the dad joke. But really, this galaxy decanter set from Shigoo is just the ticket for the astrologist or astronomer. This decanter set made out of lead-free crystal and a strong oak base will last to the next millennium.

Rogaska Quoin Square Decanter

If you’re trying to outdo your buddy who already has a Waterford crystal decanter, this one from Rogaska may be the one for you. Hailing from Slovakia, where so-called “glass huts” can supposedly be found, the Rogaska company has been crafting fine crystal for over 350 years. That’s 150 more than Waterford. If history is important to you, this is a great decanter.

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Dragon Glassware’s wares are known for their angular approach, and this decanter set is no different. Sitting in a holder like a diamond that belongs in a museum, this will surely be the star of your bar top for years to come.

Almagic Whiskey Decanter Whiskey Decanter Set

This artistic, lead-free crystal set from Almagic is both beautiful and functional. The set comes with 12 whiskey stones so you can cool off your premium Scotch or Cognac without watering it down. This well-crafted set is perfect for gifting a friend, family member, or yourself.

James Scott Five-Piece Decanter Set

You get a full package with this decanter set that comes with a mirrored tray for a classic look. The tray also prevents damage to your desk, plus it gives your set-up more elegance.

What to Look for in a Whiskey Decanter

When choosing a decanter, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Size: A standard bottle of whiskey is 750 mL, which equates to about 25 ounces. If you plan on putting an entire bottle in the decanter, you’ll obviously need something larger than that. If you don’t plan on putting a whole bottle in, you can move right along to the next point.
  • Airtight seal: While whiskey oxidizes slower than wine, it still oxidizes. You’ll want a decanter with a good, sturdy, airtight seal. When you transfer the whiskey from the bottle to the decanter, you’re already taking it out of its optimal environment (the original bottle), so you don’t want to exacerbate anything by providing a constant flow of oxygen due to a faulty seal.
  • Lead-free vs. leaded crystal: Most decanters these days are already lead-free, but some, like the Waterford and the Rogaska decanters, still have lead. This is what gives them their weight. If you think your whiskey might sit in the decanter for years at a time, then lead-free is probably the way to go. If a bottle of whiskey doesn’t last long in your house, then you don’t have to worry about lead transferring into it.
  • Price: Finally, how fancy do you want to look? How much do you want to show off? Will you use the decanter in a group setting such as a party, or is it going to be only for you at the end of a long day of work? What you want the decanter for should affect the price you’re willing to pay.

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