Gridiron Grilling: The Best Tailgating Grill

You may have noticed that we have previously covered the Kenyon City Grill in the context of urban and small space grilling. And for that task, you would be hard pressed to find a more suitable and better performing grill. Now, we want to urge you to take your bad boy barbecue out of your home and onto the field because Kenyon City Grill is our pick for the best tailgating grill of 2016.

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This fully-electric grill requires only a standard electrical outlet to perform; no charcoal, propane, or wood chips are needed here. This eliminates all the extra weight and accessories that would normally accompany your standard tailgating grill kit, in addition to leaving more space for your cooler full of beer. And, weighing in at only 28 pounds and with dimensions of 21″ x 12″ x 8 5/8″, the Kenyon City grill is both small enough to be portable and large enough to still cook up to four large steaks or eight burgers at tailgating grill

The grill features a concealed electric element which is in direct contact with the cooking grate, so hot and cold zones are nullified and heat distribution remains even throughout. The closed cooking grate also prevents flare-ups. If you’re a pyrophobe, feel safe knowing that your eyebrows will remain intact and on your face, no matter how much grease or fat seeps from your meat. The non-stick grate also sports raised areas that provide the sear marks of a professional grill, while at the same time being dish-washer safe–leaving you with less clean up and no scraping.

Preheating in less than seven minutes with an eight-setting temperature control, and reaching temperatures up to 500 degrees, Kenyon City Grill can cook anything from a delicate white fish to a four-inch slab of beef, not to mention all the hotdogs and brats your tailgate crew can handle.

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So next time you have a tailgate on your calendar–and how can you not, it’s football season?–check out the Kenyon City Grill. The cooking is quick and smokeless and clean-up is a breeze. Let this slim, portable grill streamline your Sunday football experience. Hell, maybe it will even inspire a little parking-lot cook-off. May the best grill win.

The Kenyon City Grill is available at their website for $475.

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