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10 Unique and Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

tea cup and bags.

Tea drinkers can quickly become tea lovers, eager to brew, stir, and sip premium teas from around the world or learn to prepare the perfect cup of soothing tea. There’s so much to learn about the art of tea, and it can become a true passion. It can be difficult to come up with unique gift ideas for tea lovers.

Sure, you can always buy your favorite tea lover a luxury loose-leaf green tea or a value pack of a sleepy bedtime tea, but sometimes it’s nice to get a special tea gift that will make a lasting impression. With that in mind, we’ve done the research, reviewing, and testing for you and come up with 10 of the best gifts for tea lovers to give you the inspiration you need to be the giver of the “best gift ever” to your favorite tea lover this year.

Hapinest Herbal Tea Indoor Garden Seed Starter Growing Kit

Hapinest Herbal Tea Indoor Garden Seed Starter Growing Kit.

How fun would it be to grow your own herbal tea? This is exactly what the Hapinest Herbal Tea Indoor Garden Seed Starter Growing Kit allows you to do. The herbal tea growing Kit includes everything you need to grow four different types of USDA Organic Non-GMO teas (peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile, clover). You can even combine the herbs once they are grown to make your own custom blends. The kit also has the pots, soil discs, plant markers, tea strainer, scissors, and instruction booklet, which contains all the guidance you need to successfully grow your herbs along with information regarding germination and harvest time, flavor characteristics, and medicinal uses.

Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler 

Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler.

Every tea lover needs a good travel mug to take their favorite cup of hot tea on the road. The Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler is a 16 oz brushed metal travel mug with a stainless steel tea infuser. The infuser has the finest holes—much smaller than most tea infusers—which is great for fine teas and even powders. You can add loose leaf tea and hot water and be on your way. The insulated thermos works for hot or cold beverages and is BPA free.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer.

Let’s face it, part of enjoying tea is simply slowly savoring every sip while you work or go about your day. Unfortunately, this can mean your tea always gets cold before you can finish it. With the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, you can keep your tea at just the right temperature for as long as it takes to get to the last drop. This lightweight, 17-watt mug warmer is easy to use, wipes clean, and is ultra-portable.

Tea Drops Party Pack of 25 Lightly Sweetened Loose Leaf Bagless Tea

Tea Drops Party Pack of 25 Lightly Sweetened Loose Leaf Bagless Tea.

Tea Drops are a relatively new take on tea. Rather than needing a tea bag or tea leaves, you simply plop a cute tea drop into your mug of hot water and it dissolves into a lightly sweetened, delicious cup of tea. Tea Drops are fair-trade, organic, and kosher-certified, and environmentally friendly. In fact, they produce 15% less waste than traditional tea bags. The Tea Drops Party Pack comes with 25 tea drops in fun shapes. Flavors include sweet peppermint, matcha green tea, rose earl gray, citrus ginger, and blueberry açaí. The tea drops are lightly sweetened, so no additional sugar or honey is needed. They are perfect for travel or on-the-go use as well.

Numi Organic Tea By Mood Gift Set

Numi Organic Tea By Mood Gift Set.

Numi Organic Tea By Mood Gift Set includes 40 tea bags, five of eight different flavors. There’s Breakfast Blend (for focus), Aged Earl Grey (for balance), Emperor’s Pu-erh (to energize), Jasmine Green (to reflect), Mate Lemon (to invigorate), Rooibos Chai (to inspire), Moroccan Mint (to refresh) and Chamomile Lemon (to sleep). The gift box comes in a creative, octagonal box and it’s fun to select the tea that matches your mood and energy level. Numi Organic teas are made with premium ingredients and have full-bodied flavors with a smooth texture.

Ototo Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser 

OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser.

Instead of using a basic stainless steel tea ball to infuse loose leaf teas, you can give the tea lover in your life a fun silicone tea infuser like this Ototo Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser. The ingenious design is as functional as it is adorable. The long neck serves as a handle so that the tea infuser stays in place on the rim of your mug. The belly holding the tea serves as a spoon, so you can meditatively stir while you steep the tea. It works with powdered tea, tea leaves, and blends and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set.

Many tea kettles are only designed to be used in one way—on the stove or in the microwave—but rarely have the flexibility for both. The Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set can be used on the stovetop or the microwave and is also dishwasher safe. It has a built-in, stainless steel infuser for use with loose leaf teas, or you can simply heat water if you’re enjoying a bag or sachet of tea instead. The kettle also comes with four elegant tea tumblers with double walls to retain heat, and three teas (jasmine, blooming, and green). The kettle and glasses are made from hand-blown glass, so they are BPA-free.

Lyty Chinese Tea Pot Cup Set with Tray Infuser 

Lyty Chinese Tea Pot Cup Set with Tray Infuser.

In China, drinking tea is steeped in tradition and is virtually an art form. This Lyty Chinese Tea Pot Cup Set with Tray Infuser can help your favorite tea drinker honor the power of tea in a similar way. It’s a traditional porcelain tea set that’s handmade and designed for portability and travel. The tea set is made using time-honored, traditional ceramic techniques practiced in China for over 1,000 years. It blends elegance with durability, functionality, and beauty, and the tea set comes with a bamboo serving tray, tea infuser, four tea cups, a tea can, and a tea clip as well.

Mountain Valley Raw Honey Gift Box

Mountain Valley Raw Honey Gift Box.

When you like a sweeter cup of tea, you can’t go wrong with honey. Honey also has many health benefits, especially when you use organic, raw honey like the honey in this Mountain Valley Raw Honey Gift Box. The box comes with six jars of New Zealand Manuka Honey. The flavors are delicious: Honeydew Honey, Kamahi Honey, Native Bush Honey, Kanuka Honey, Autumn Gold Honey, and Manuka Honey MGO 83+. All of the honey are 100% pure, raw, and unpasteurized, so they retain every bit of natural goodness. The honey is smooth, soft, and rich, and stirs perfectly into your favorite tea.

Homeries Premium 80 Tea Bag Assortment Gift Box Set

Homeries Premium 80 Tea Bag Assortment Gift Box Set.

This is a tea gift that keeps giving. Not only does it come with 80 bags of tea to sample and savor, but the refillable bamboo box serves as a reusable tea chest for years to come. The Homeries Premium 80 Tea Bag Assortment Gift Box Set includes over 30 unique flavors of tea from three different popular brands (Stash, Tazo, and Twinings) with both popular flavors like green tea and earl gray and exotic flavors like pomegranate raspberry and detox with adaptogenic herbs. The bamboo tea chest is sturdy and elegant and has eight different compartments.

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