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The real reason people are freaking out about gas stoves (and why it’s silly)

Keep the soup on, no one's coming for your gas stove

With all the hubbub in the news lately about the gas stove debate, you probably have a few questions. We get it, and we’ve got you covered. The chaos all started on January 9th when Bloomberg News published an article quoting a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission member who expressed that gas stoves could potentially cause health problems. Because this poor chap happens to be a Democrat, some of those with opposing political views immediately went on the attack. On January 10th, Texas Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson tweeted, “I’ll NEVER give up my gas stove. If the maniacs in the White House come for my stove, they can pry it from my cold dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!” Fear-mongering tweets and comments like this from the more conservative side of the table set the red party ablaze with a rage resembling villagers with torches. And thus, the internet exploded into yet another needless, rather idiotic war, and the great gas stove controversy was born.

Janko Ferlic/Unsplash

The simple truth is, as much as we love our gas stoves, it makes sense that lighting an open gas flame and filling our homes with these fumes could potentially not be the greatest thing for the lungs of small children with asthma, studies have found. That’s just true, no matter how much we adore our beautiful gas ranges. Unfortunately, like so many other issues that have absolutely nothing to do with politics, this health issue has now become greatly politicized. Conservatives have taken the stance that their freedom to KitchenAid is being infringed upon, while Democrats are shrugging and saying, “Maybe these should be regulated if they’re causing asthma in kids.”

After the emotional eruption, the Safety Commission, no doubt flustered by all the chaos, clarified that there are no immediate plans to ban gas stoves, and that they are merely researching potential health risks. So rest assured, secret agents will not be coming for your stoves in the middle of the night. Men dressed in black will not be knocking down your doors requesting to inspect your appliances. If any new restrictions are made for gas ranges in the future, they will apply to future appliances made, not existing stoves you’ve already installed in your home.

So, for the time being, it would be great if everyone would just simmer down a bit.

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