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The Final Game of Thrones Single Malt Whisky Is Better Than the Series Finale

game of thrones bran stark
Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones is finally over after a series finale last spring that disappointed many and thrilled a few others. Now, the Game of Thrones series of single malt whiskies from Diageo is coming to a close as well and hopefully, this expression will be better received than Bran the Broken as ruler of the Six Kingdoms. (I mean, come on, he gets to be king while Jon Snow has to head beyond the Wall to the frigid north again and Arya takes a ship to who knows where?)

Game of Thrones Six Kingdoms Mortlach Aged 15 Years Bottle Packaging

Six Kingdoms Mortlach Aged 15 Years will be available beginning this December, a tribute to the Three-Eyed Raven, aka the space-and-time-traveling Greenseer, aka the eternally spaced out Brandon Stark. The whisky itself is 15 years old, aged in first-fill sherry-seasoned casks and finished in ex-bourbon barrels, imparting it with vanilla and spice flavors “befitting of those with a noble palate,” according to the brand. It has a strong, commanding nose and notes of oak and dried fig on the palate and is bottled at 46% ABV and will be available for an SRP of $150.

The Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection Bottle Lineup

This isn’t the first boozy collaboration for the series. The whole Game of Thrones whisky tie-in began with White Walker by Johnnie Walker, which came out last spring, a blend of malt and grain based around whiskies from Cardhu and Clynelish, Scotland’s northernmost distilleries. Throw this bottle in the fridge and the thermochromic ink Johnnie Walker striding man logo gets zombie-fied into a White Walker visage.

The Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection featured eight bottles, each linked to a House of Westeros and each coming from a different Diageo distillery. And this past summer saw the release of Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire; a Song of Ice focuses on whisky from the Clynelish distillery and is recommended served on the rocks, while A Song of Fire offers a bit of smoke by using whisky from Caol Ila and is suggested to drink neat. Each is available for an SRP of $36 until supplies run out.

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