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Elon Musk Reveals Giga Bier to Add to Tesla’s Growing Alcohol Line

Elon Musk introducing Tesla's new 'Giga Bier' at the Oct. 9 Giga Fest at the Gigafactory at the Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair.
Elon Musk introducing Tesla’s new ‘Giga Bier’ at the Oct. 9 Giga Fest at the Gigafactory at the Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair. PC News Russia

Technical difficulties allowed an Oct. 9 German Giga Fest crowd to ask Tesla founder Elon Musk about Full Self-Driving Beta.

“It’s looking very good,” Musk responded. “FSD will be beyond beta. It’s looking highly likely to be in Europe next year.”

The bigger news, however, involves the futuristic space prisms that finally appeared behind Musk, showing off Tesla’s new Giga Bier. The inevitable microbrew that follows Musk’s move to Austin has finally arrived, at least in concept.  

“And we’re even gonna have a beer,” Musk said.

Musk made the almost offhand announcement during the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair, a festival celebrating the grand opening of Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Grünheide, outside of Berlin. The declaration was more an afterthought than anything after Musk listed off the new Tesla Gigafactory manufacturing features. 

This won’t be the mega-entrepreneur’s first venture into inconveniently shaped bottled alcoholic beverages. In 2020, Tesla released tequila in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle. This was based on a joke Musk made on Twitter. The $250 tequila, of course, sold out as soon as it hit the market. 

Who’s going to actually brew the beer remains a question. Tesla registered “Giga Bier” and “Giga Beer” as trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to Texas Monthly’s Aaron Chamberlain. An Austin-based brewery called Starbase Brewing, however, also registered a trademark for “GigaBeer” (no space) on the same day. Coincidence? On its website, the Texas-based microbrewery already declared its intention to be the first beer consumed on another planet. 

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“Our goals are to brew delicious beer, promote science and sustainability, and develop new brewing techniques optimized for humanity’s future in space. Established on Earth. Brewed for Mars.”

With Musk concerned with all corners of transportation on planet Earth, it’s likely Starbase is going to be taking care of the grog. Hopefully Starbase will also be including a futuristic cooling system because the Giga bottle appears to be translucent. R&D might need to be called in because suds come in colored bottles to prevent skunking. 

There was also no mention of what type of brew Giga Bier will be. Could it perhaps be a bock to rival Shiner’s Austin dominance? Competition could be even stiffer than the car market if Musk tries to unseat that Texas classic…

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