Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat In Season

In an era where seasonal cooking and farmer’s market ingredients have become the new normal, we’re always looking for expert advice on how to fully utilize each season’s magnificent bounty. So when we caught wind of IN SEASON: More Than 150 Fresh and Simple Recipes from New York Magazine Inspired by Farmers’ Market Ingredients, we immediately needed to see what was cooking. The first cookbook from New York magazine food editors Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, IN SEASON features recipes from the country’s finest chefs and restaurants that utilize each season’s freshest ingredients.

Remember the time you wanted to buy those satsuma mandarins or black radishes at your local farmer’s market but had no idea how to cook them? Inspired by their “In Season” column in New York magazine, Patronite and Raisfeld provide fresh and simple recipes for a vast array of ingredients, contributed by venerated chefs like Michael Anthony, Mario Batali and David Chang. Organized by season with vivid photographs, each recipe is adapted for everyday at-home cooking so you can enjoy the flavors of each season, even if your daily kitchen time is limited. No matter if you live in a place where the market lacks winter color: recipes like Sando Fioriti’s Spaghettini al Limone and Joaquin Baca’s Chicken, Sausage and Crawfish Stew are sure to brighten your dinner table.

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