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Costco sells a $3,700 bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, which usually has a 12-year waitlist

Screaming Eagle at Costco?

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Reddit can be a weird and wonderful place, full of mystery, debates over things that were never worth debating, and a neverending supply of information of every variety. Sometimes, that information is utter nonsense, but in other cases, one can gain a plethora of valuable knowledge actually worth having. One such recent instance is this Reddit post by user r/Costco_alcohol, who posted a photo of a bottle of Screaming Eagle Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for sale at Costco. Of course, we love Costco for its wide array of great wines, but this one has us pretty shook. 

Screaming Eagle wine
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Screaming Eagle

If you know wine, then you know that Screaming Eagle is a big deal. Known for its low production, high-quality wines, and religiously dedicated following, this prestigious Napa Valley winery only makes 500 cases of this rare wine annually from its modest 57-acre vineyard. The average waitlist time for those hoping to add a bottle to their collection is about 12 years and will cost several thousand dollars. And that’s if you happen to live in the right place. Screaming Eagle wine only ships to a limited number of states, so getting your hands on a bottle is a trickier matter than just expense and time. Counterfeit bottles have also been a problem for Screaming Eagle. Since 2010, the winery has embedded its bottles with a bubble-coded security system between the foil and the bottle so that authenticity can be verified.

In 2019, a single bottle of the prized wine regularly sold for $3,647, classifying it as one of the most expensive wine bottles in America. Back in 2000, a 6-liter bottle of Screaming Eagle 1992 Cabernet Sauvignon sold for half a million dollars. Adjusted for inflation, that’s more than $891,000 in 2023. Costco’s price? A steal at just $3,699.99 — no waitlist necessary, just your trusty Costco membership card

And while we absolutely adore Costco for its $1.50 hot dog deal and great deals on laundry detergent, it does come as quite a shock that a bottle of this prestigious wine was spotted in the popular warehouse store, one aisle over from the bulk toilet paper.

One Reddit user commented, “That is actually a great price.” Another followed with, “I don’t see a limit. Clean them out.” Our favorite comment came from one user who posed a humorous question in light of Costco’s generous return policy, asking, “Can you return it if you don’t like it???”

Of course, while we certainly understand the prestige and joy of precious wine collecting, not everyone has a decade to wait or thousands to spend on a beautiful bottle. No matter your favorite varietal or your budget, these are some of our top recommendations for readily available, delicious Napa Valley wines you can enjoy by tonight.

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