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This Costco pumpkin pie hack turns 2 whole pies into 60+ mini desserts for Thanksgiving

For around $15 you can please an entire crowd

Pumpkin pie

We put a lot of effort into Thanksgiving dinner. Between turkeys, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potato and green bean casseroles, topped with – of course – buckets of gravy, there’s a lot of time spent in the kitchen. And that’s all before dessert even comes into play. So if there’s ever a way we can skip a step or two, a small hack we can apply to make life a little bit easier on this gluttonous of all the holidays, we’re going to take it.

That’s why we love this pumpkin pie hack. Of course, Costco is known for its humungous Thanksgiving pumpkin pies. The huge warehouse store sells them by the cartload at most locations throughout November, and for very good reason. They’re delicious. After all, why make the stupid pie when Costco does a better job anyway? We are all for this Thanksgiving cheat and have been using it for years. But what if we told you you could create over 60 bite-sized desserts for even the biggest of holiday gatherings, and you can do it all with just two Costco pies?

Cake pops

How to turn 2 Costco pies into 60+ desserts

Using a small, round biscuit cutter, punch out bite-sized portions from the centers of the pies. You’ll be left with several elegant pumpkin pie petit fours, perfect for a bite-sized sweet treat following a hefty meal. Depending on the size you use, you can get at least 60 mini-pies.

But that’s not even the best part. You can create pumpkin pie cake pops from the remaining crust and thin slivers between spaces.

  • Using a food processor, simply pulse the remaining crust and pie together until a sticky dough forms.
  • Using your hands, form small 1 – 2″ balls from the dough and skewer them onto popsicle sticks.
  • After all of the dough has been shaped onto sticks, simply dip each one into tempered chocolate and allow them to sit until the chocolate has hardened.

This dessert hack serves many wonderful purposes. First, it’s economical. Over 60 desserts with just two pies? Well, hello there, savings. It’s also simple. If you can turn on a food processor and melt chocolate, you’re set to impress with your culinary skills. We also love the practicality it offers. Sure, we all love Thanksgiving pies, but how often do we really want a humungous piece immediately following such a sizable feast? This provides a simple, elegant bite to complete the meal that won’t leave you unbuttoning your jeans to make room.

We also love the idea of doing this with multiple pies so that people don’t have to commit to just one dessert. With these little cuties, you can try one of everything!

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