Corridor Bar by BDI is the perfect ‘New Year, New You’ Gift to Yourself

BDI corridor bar
It’s January, and that means it’s resolution time. You’ve renewed your gym membership (or started working out at home), you traded in last year’s wardrobe for something better, and you finally trimmed your No Shave November beard. You’re heading in the right direction toward the new you.

One thing you may have forgotten about, though, is your home space. Sure, you’ll look and feel great when you go out on a date, but what about when you want to take the lovely lady you just wined and dined back to your place? Have you thought about upgrading your home or apartment? Probably not. Don’t worry about upgrading the entire thing, though. Some new sheets will be great, but outside of that, think strategically. If she’s coming back, it’s probably for a night cap, so you’re going to want a bar that will blow her mind. May we present to you the best way to pimp out your home bar space: the Corridor Bar by BDI.

We’ll give you a minute to take in all its G-D glory.

BDI corridor bar

A thing of beauty, ain’t it? It isn’t all just looks, though. The Corridor Bar excels in both form and function. Let’s start at the top.

The surface is made micro-etched black glass, which means that not only is your work surface aesthetically pleasing, but it’s scratch resistant to boot (just in case you have one too many Vespers and your drink mixing technique start to get a little sloppy).

Moving inside, you’ll notice a 12-bottle wine rack (or whiskey, we don’t discriminate), space for around seven or eight bottles on each side (max 20 pounds, though), plus a stemware rack, a drawer (perfect for cocktail tools or even some cocktail books), and still more storage space than you’ll know what to do with (we’re kidding, you’ll fill it with booze or glassware from which to drink your booze — both are solid options). Closed, the bar measures 41 inches high,  36 inches wide, and 18.5 inches deep; open, it expands to 72 inches.

corridor bar bdi home oak

While the double-louvered doors do close, leaving you with a clean front that conceals the true greatness held within, you can also tilt the front feet a little bit in order to keep the bar open at all times (and with this bar, who wouldn’t want to show it off like that?).

Basically, this is the perfect home bar. The only thing it doesn’t do is make the drinks for you. (With smart technology, though, that can’t be too far off, can it?)

The Corridor Bar retails for $2,299 and comes in chocolate, white oak, or charcoal colors, making it easy to find the right fir for your home.

Don’t have enough space to fit the Corridor Bar, but still need a sexy new setup? BDI also has a smaller, mobile option: the Verra bar cart. Available in aqua, oyster, and black, this cart offers a stemware rack, storage drawer with non-slip liner, removable bottle inserts, and locking wheels in addition to satin-etched glass surfaces and satin-nickel details. The Verra bar cart retails for $1,499 and is available here.


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