Give Your Space a Fresh Start in the New Year With these Home Ideas

home ideas
If living your best life is part of your New Year’s resolutions, you should put some time into ensuring your home supports this goal. A cluttered space can weigh you down mentally and makes it hard to unwind after a long day at work. With these easy home ideas, you can refresh your headquarters and start 2018 out right.

Scrub it Down

Winter gets a lot of people down. The days are shorter and colder, and seasonal affective disorder can kick in. One way to avoid this is to do your yearly spring cleaning now, rather than waiting until April.

messy fridge that needs to be cleaned

It feels great to come back to a fresh, clean home after a long day of work, so take advantage of the first weekend of 2018 to give your home a scrub down. Be sure to tackle the often neglected areas like ceiling fans, windows, and lightbulbs (yes, you should be dusting those). Reorganize your pantry with Pyrex, toss expired items, and give your fridge a good cleaning (be sure to scrape away any built up ice in the freezer as it affects the efficiency). Finally, have your carpets shampooed and send your area rugs to be cleaned — you’d be amazed (and disgusted) at how much grunge can build up in the thick piles over time.

Refresh Your Closet

It may seem like closets aren’t an issue when it comes to refreshing your home. After all, the doors are closed and the messes are out of sight, out of mind right? Except they aren’t. A disorganized closet (and dresser) make getting ready each morning a total nightmare, and the mess eventually spills out onto the floor. Luckily we have you covered with a step-by-step plan to organize your closets (and no, your clothes don’t have to spark joy; they just have to be tidy).

organized clothing

Once you’re done organizing your clothes, turn the hangers so that they face out. When you wear an item and return it to the closet, turn the hanger back in. At the end of the year, any hangers still facing out are items you haven’t worn and can be donated without a second thought, clearing up the clutter and leaving room for new items.

Add Life to Your Space (Literally)

I’ve been an interior designer for over a decade, and in all those years, the number one tip I give to clients is add a few plants. No amount of decorating, organizing, or painting will make your house feel more like a home than adding some plants. They are welcoming, keep the air fresh when the house is closed up in cold weather, and add much needed color during gray winter days.

refresh our home ideas house plants in your

Luckily there are plenty of stylish ways to add a few greens to your space. Check out Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planters. They can be hung inside, offer a wide variety of plants, and are super easy to take care of. Not ready to commit to an entire wall garden? No worries — we’ve rounded up our favorite unkillable houseplants that will add color and style to your space without having to worry you’ll kill them in the first week.

Warm Up Your Decor

Is your home full of generic Pottery Barn decorations? If so, they need to go. One of the easiest ways to refresh your space is to add personal touches. The best accessories are the ones that have sentimental meaning. A favorite childhood toy on display on your bookshelf. A photo gallery of family and friends. A travel souvenir from an exciting vacation. No more generic artwork; gather pieces that fill your home with happy memories.

refresh our home ideas area rug and warm textures

Of course, not every single item in your home will have sentimental meaning, like a throw pillow or area rug. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put thought into those items too. Warm up your living room with a faux animal skin rug, add throw pillows with funky patterns to your sofa, or replace your entry table with an antique dresser. Home decor tends to mimic fashion trends, so use that to guide you and create a home that reflects your personality and not an Ikea catalog.

Keep It Clean

What’s the point in deep cleaning your home and organizing your stuff if it’s just going to become a cluttered mess again by next month? The key to keeping your home feeling fresh is having a system in place that will help you stay on track.

Keep up with weekly cleaning so that seasonal cleaning doesn’t even have to be a thing. When you go food shopping, move old items to the front of shelves and place new items in the back to be sure you use things up before they expire.

organized pantry

Don’t let mail become a mountain on the entry table. Instead, try the OHIO. system: Only Handle It Once. This doesn’t literally mean handling it only one time; instead you should assign it somewhere rather than letting it pile up. “Important” items like bills go to your desk, “social” items like invitations go straight onto your calendar, and “trash” items like flyers go to the recycle bin or the shredder.

So what happens to your desk once the mail and to-do lists and work all land there? Get it organized with the Grovemade Desk Shelf System. Not only will it keep your desk free of clutter, it’s transportable and stylish as hell.

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