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10 Products to Help Your Home Smell Like a Cabin in the Woods

Whether it be the fresh scent of summer or the flowery fragrance of spring, every season has a distinct bouquet that sets it apart from all the rest. For fall and winter, we swap out the pungent perfume of sunscreen and barbecue for the crisp smells of leaves, smoky campfires, pine needles, and cedar trees.

While these aromas are best enjoyed sitting on the porch of a secluded log cabin, you don’t have to move to the woods to experience the same satisfaction and nostalgia. To bring the great outdoors into the comfort of your own home, smell some of our favorite items such as pine scented candles that are guaranteed to give you all the fall and winter feels.

Craft & Kin Candle

The soy-based Wood Candle from Craft & Kin will transport you to the side of a campfire. The scents of woodsy aroma mingle with amber to create an aroma that’s both comforting and beguiling. You don’t have to step out of the woods to experience the delight of being in front of a campfire.

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Incense

The Douglas Fir Campfire Incense from Juniper Ridge perfectly captures the delicious smell of a Pacific Northwest forest. Made from tree sap and pine wood, these sticks are ideal for anyone who loves the scent of a campground.

Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle

To have a Diptyque candle is to fall madly in love with said Diptyque candle, and this one, in particular, is well worth it. Meant to evoke the fragrance of a warm fire, its combination of rare wood oils will brighten up the chilliest spaces and quickly put you in the mood for making s’mores.

Aromatech Black Tea & Teak Oil

Transport yourself to a breathtaking autumn forest with this Black Tea & Teak Oil from AromaTech. Formerly known as Spiced Wood, this oil has an earthy blend of oakmoss, cedarwood, and bergamot. The aromatic oil is also laced with the enticing scents of lemon, nutmeg, warm amber, spices, and musk. Make sure to pair it with your favorite oil diffuser for an optimal experience.

Juniper Ridge Cascade Forest Room Spray

You’ll feel like you stepped into a forest with this Cascade Forest Room Spray by Juniper Ridge. Its scent once sprayed will remind you of a damp forest floor, fresh sap, and Fir needles being snapped. Forget about air freshener sprays that are all-chemical and barely last, this all-natural room spray made of pine and fir notes will give your space a clean and sensational scent.

Northern Lights Evergreen Forest Room Spray

For something a little more subtle, try the Evergreen Forest room spray from Northern Lights. Composed of Fraser fir, balsam, blue spruce, and cedarwood extracts, this concoction gently blankets any space with the earthy musk of Mother Nature herself. If you end up really digging the aroma, the brand also offers it in a variety of different candles.

Skandinavisk Skog Scent Diffuser

With impressions of pine, fir, woodland lily of the valley, and aged leather, this fragrance diffuser from SKOG is designed to capture the essence of a Scandinavian forest. The well-rounded scent is strong without being overpowering and is said to last for up to three months.

Hillhouse Naturals Log Cabin Candle in Jar

With the delightful scents of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon blended together, you will be transported to the best part of the woods. You will definitely feel like you’re in a cozy cabin once you light up this Log Cabin candle by Hillhouse Naturals. What’s even better is that this 11-ounce candle has a burn time of around 60 hours.

Mer-Sea Sea Pines Room Spray

Do you want your home to have the refreshing smell of a forest near the sea? Mer-Sea’s Sea Pines Room Spray will bring the outside in with its crisp scent of pines. Spritzing this room spray will remind you of the shores of California. Despite its rather small glass bottle, the spray has a long-lasting and fresh scent.

Woodlore EcoFresh Premium Aromatic Cedar Sachets

Grab a dozen or so of these aromatic cedar sachets from Woodlore and hide them throughout your house. These are great for kitchen drawers and bathroom cabinets. You can even tuck them away behind a picture frame to perfume your home with the woodsy scent of cedar.

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