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How Cocoa can Treat Your Heart, Brain, and Overall Health

Cocoa, like coffee, green tea, and raw milk, is one of those much-hyped natural “super foods” that has gotten a lot of attention lately. That’s not just because of clickbait or clever marketing, though – the flavanols in cocoa beans have in fact been proven to impart a variety of benefits to the human body, from improved circulatory health to brain function and more.. Of course, this doesn’t give you a license to gorge on sugary chocolate candy and expect to receive notable advantages from it. You need quality cocoa supplements from quality sources, and CocoaVia has them.

The most notable and important way that cocoa treats your health is through your cardiovascular system. Your heart and blood vessels comprise a 60,000-mile-long “highway system” of sorts for your body, transporting all-important oxygen from the air you breath as well as nutrients from the food you eat and delivering these bodily necessities to your organs, muscles, skin, hair, and wherever else they need to go. Just as importantly, your blood carries away waste materials and other toxins to be safely expelled from the body, aiding your natural detoxification mechanisms.

Your circulatory system moves the equivalent of around 2,000 gallons’ worth of blood through you each day, but what does cocoa in particular have to do with this? Simply put, the flavanols in cocoa up-regulate the levels of nitric oxide in your body. This increase in nitric oxide helps to relax the walls of your veins and arteries, making the vessels themselves more pliable and thereby enhancing the flow of blood – and more specifically, the oxygen and nutrients that blood cells carry – to your vital organs.

When your blood flow is better, everything is better, from basic organ functions and cardiovascular efficiency (such as during exercise) to the overall health and appearance of your hair, skin, and nails. Your brain is also an organ – by far the most complex organ in the human body, in fact – and thus also greatly benefits from the improved circulation that cocoa flavanols can offer, enhancing your cognition, your mood, your sleep, and more.

CocoaVia’s products are sourced from high-quality cocoa and made using a proprietary processing method that retains as many of the health-boosting flavanols as possible (many, if not most, cocoa products are made using processes that destroy these delicate flavanols). You can opt for CocoaVia capsules if you just want to add cocoa to your supplement rotation, or you can enjoy CocoaVia’s powdered drink packets. If you want something to much on, though, then the GoodnessKnows snack bars can scratch that itch. CocoaVia’s entire product line is on sale right now, too, for 30% off, making now the time to add this super food to your diet and experience its benefits for yourself.

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