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4 of the most popular budget tequila bottles, ranked

Delicious budget tequila you need to try

Tequila with salt and a lime
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While some spirits are well-known for their high price tags, tequila is known for the opposite reason. This distilled spirit made from the Blue Weber agave plant is known for its value. Sure, you can find ridiculously expensive añejo and extra añejo tequilas. But, compared to single malt Scotch whisky, bourbon, Japanese whisky, and even rye whiskey, countless deals can be found.

For those new to tequila, this agave-based spirit is native to (and must be produced in) Mexico. Similar to cognac, Scotch, and burgundy wine, its name refers to its geographical location. To be considered a tequila, it must be made in the state of Jalisco (where the historic town of Tequila is located) and a handful of other Mexican states.

It comes in a variety of ages, but instead of being labeled by the year, tequila is designated by terms like blanco (also known as plata or silver tequila; it can be added right to the bottle after distilling or aged for as long as two months), joven (a blend of aged and un-aged tequilas), reposado (aged between two months and one year), añejo (aged between one and three years), extra añejo (aged for a minimum of three years), and the reasonably new variety known as cristalino (aged tequila that is charcoal filtered to remove the color and impurities).

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Finding budget tequilas

Finding well-made, flavorful budget tequilas isn’t a difficult task. That is as long as you stick with blanco reposado, joven, and cristalino tequilas. Añejos and extra añejos tend to be a little pricier.

But don’t just grab the first blanco or reposado tequila you see with a reasonable price tag. While you might find your new go-to mixer or sipper, you also might end up with a harsh, foul-tasting spirit that seems like it’s better suited to fuel your lawnmower as opposed to being sipped slowly on a cool evening. Fear not; we’re here to help you find the bottles worth purchasing.

Two shots of tequila in shot glasses with lemons on top
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4 fan-favorite budget tequilas

Since we don’t want to see you wasting your day scrolling through online retailers or feeling overwhelmed and confused as you stroll mindlessly through the aisles at your local liquor store, we did the work for you. Keep scrolling to see the best fan-favorite budget-friendly tequila you can buy right now. As a bonus, we even ranked them for you.

Cimarron Blanco

Cimarron Blanco

Made from 100% Blue Weber agave, this popular, bargain-priced blanco tequila is aged twice in column stills before resting in stainless steel tanks. The result is a nuanced blanco featuring a nose of baked agave, black pepper, citrus peels, cinnamon, and a light minerality. Drinking it reveals notes of grass, cooked, vegetal agave, vanilla, orange peels, caramel, and white pepper.

Espolon Reposado

Espolon Reposado

There’s more than just blanco tequila when it comes to bargain bottles. There are also myriad reposado expressions available as well. One of our favorites is Espolon Reposado. This award-winning tequila begins with 100% Blue Weber agave. After distilling, it’s matured for at least two full months in charred American oak. The result is a surprisingly rich, balanced tequila featuring flavors like vanilla, caramel, tropical fruits, roasted agave, and wintry spices.

Siete Leguas Blanco
Siete Leguas

Siete Leguas Blanco

This highly complex blanco is a mix of two different distillates made at two distilleries. Both are copper pot still distilled. When blended together, they create a sippable, mixable blanco with aromas of orchard fruits, vanilla, roasted agave, and light spices. Drinking it reveals notes of cracked black pepper, vegetal sweet agave, caramel, cinnamon, and crisp apples. It’s a great, flavorful tequila perfect to mix into a classic Margarita.

Tapatio Blanco

Tapatio Blanco

Not all blanco tequilas are created the same. This is obvious when you drink Tapatio Blanco. Made with 100% Blue Weber agave, it’s cooked in masonry ovens before being crushed using both roller mill and tahona. It’s distilled twice in pot stills before being rested in stainless steel tanks for a full six months. The result is a surprisingly complex, sippable, mixable tequila with notes of cooked agave, cracked black pepper, vanilla, and fruity flavors.

Tequila in shot glasses with lime and salt
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Picking the right tequila for you

When buying a tequila (budget or otherwise), the key is finding the right spirit for the job. If you’re looking for more of a sipper and a mixer, reposado is a great idea. If the tequila is only for mixing and not sipping, blanco is the right choice. Just remember that while bargains are great, don’t spend too little, or you’ll regret it.

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