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The 9 Best Vegan Ice Creams to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

More people are embracing the vegan lifestyle. Vegan foods are becoming increasingly accessible, delicious, and innovative. In fact, many of the carnivores among us are keen on trying some of the plant-based alternatives out there because of how great these food products have become. Ice cream is no exception to this trend, with a variety of new vegan-friendly options emerging on a seemingly daily basis.

Not all vegan options are created equal, however. Most switch out the dairy-based fats and sugars for plant-based ones. The innovation behind the creation of these delicious, creamy flavors has resulted in a staggering number of options to choose from. If you are looking to grab your ice cream scoop and try vegan ice cream, consider which ingredients you want to see and which you do not. For example, you may not be happy consuming vegan ice cream heavy in unsustainably sourced palm oil, due to its negative effects on the planet. Just because something is healthy in one way (plant-based) doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy in others. Luckily, most brands of vegan ice cream take sustainability seriously, and their consumers love them for it.

Finding the right fit for you and your vegan ice cream can be a daunting task with everyone trying to sell you on their own brand. Luckily, we have compiled a complete list of our favorite vegan ice cream brands for your consideration.

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Best Classic Vegan Ice Cream: Ben and Jerrys Non-Diary Frozen Dessert-Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Ben and Jerrys is an American ice cream icon. It’s only fitting then, that they are first on our list. Using almond milk and coconut as their dairy alternative base, and only using Fairtrade certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla, this tub of ice cream will make yourself and the planet smile with every spoonful. The delicious brownies in the frozen dessert come from Greyston Bakery, NY- a bakery that provides jobs and training to low-income residents. It’s sweet, smooth, and has a consistency indistinguishable from dairy-based ice cream. Job well done!

Best Cashewmilk Derived Vegan Ice Cream: So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious is not only the name of this brand but also the response you will have upon merely gazing upon this vegan ice cream. Going with classic ice cream flavors, this ice cream looks almost indistinguishable from its diary-based cousin. Notably, the dessert is non-GMO verified, and free of dairy, lactose, soy, and gluten. Oh, and it tastes unbelievably delicious!

Most Innovative Vegan Ice Cream: Cado Avocado Frozen Dessert

Yes, you read that right, Avocado! Now, before you pull a face, consider that avocado is perhaps the perfect fruit to use in an ice cream alternative due to it being packed with healthy fats. Have you ever used avocado in a smoothie? It makes the smoothie as creamy as can be! Cado has a deliciously creamy texture, and no, it doesn’t taste like avocado. It’s available in great flavors like mint chocolate chip, vanilla bean, and deep dark chocolate.

Best Pistachio Vegan Ice Cream: Van Leeuwen Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Van Leeuwen has a reputation for using the finest, freshest natural ingredients to produce to-die-for, creamy, ice cream. This non-dairy alternative is no exception, made from coconut milk, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and carob bean, its convincingly creamy texture has to be tried to be described. If you’re a fan of pistachio ice cream, then this is the vegan alternative for you!

Best Vegan Oreo Ice Cream: Breyers Non-dairy Oreo Cookies and Cream

Oreos have become synonymous with milkshakes and ice cream, probably owing to the smash hit, McFlurry. Beyers outdid themselves by coming up with this dairy-free ice cream alternative. Made with real almond milk, the texture and taste of the vegan ice cream is spot on, only to be complemented with delicious crunchy chunks of Oreo.

Best Coffee Flavored Vegan Ice Cream: Oatly Coffee Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

As the name would suggest, Oatly makes their ice cream with oats instead of cow’s milk. The ice cream’s packaging is made from sustainably sourced paper and, importantly, the coffee flavor comes from real organic coffee, not synthetic flavorings. This has garnered this brand great respect among eco-warriors and taste buds alike.

Highest Rated Non Dairy Ice Cream: 365 by Whole Foods Market, Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

This non-dairy ice cream is a great place to begin for someone who hasn’t dipped their toe into the world of vegan desserts. The crazy high ratings of this mint chocolate chip dessert say that 365 must be onto something delicious. What’s more – the dessert is GMO-free, gluten-free, and certified kosher.

Best Vegan Dessert Bar: So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Milk Dipped Frozen Dessert Bar

Yes, they make dessert bars that taste just as good as their milk-based counterparts. This mocha almond fudge dessert is made from almond milk. Its 2000+ 5-star ratings perhaps speak for themselves in just how delicious this dessert really is.

Best Luxury Non-Dairy Ice cream: Haagen-Dazs Non-Dairy Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle Frozen Dessert

Bringing this article full circle is none other than Haagen-Dazs. This luxury American Ice Cream brand has ventured into the world of non-dairy ice cream. We are so glad they did! The luxurious dessert blends rich Belgian chocolate and swirls and chunks of salted fudge to bring about a level of indulgence that has to be experienced to be believed! You will forget that it is completely dairy-free.

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