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The 9 Best Vegan Cheese Brands to Buy in 2022

Living a plant-based lifestyle has never been easier than it is today. From beet burgers that bleed to tofu shrimp you swore could swim, there’s a vegan replacement for everything from milk to meat. Science has shown that taking the leap from beef to the leaf can have major health benefits for both your body and the world. From reducing cholesterol to cleaning up your carbon footprint, there are plenty of reasons to pivot to plants.

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For those who may not be ready to go all the way from omnivore but are still a little veg-curious, plant-based cheeses are a sharp start to dip your toes into a dairy-free diet. While companies have been churning out lactose-free alternatives like never before, not all these “cheeses” make the cut. Finding a vegan option that you can spread, stretch, dip, or shred may sound hard to believe but the proof is in the plant-based Parmesan.

So whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply ditching dairy, we’re here to offer a bit of gouda advice with the nine greatest of the grate vegan cheeses for your plate.

Siete Dairy-Free Cashew Queso

Image used with permission by copyright holder

From texture to taste, this vegan queso will have you questioning everything about real cheese. Made entirely from cashews and available in both Nacho and Blanco fundido flavors, this jaw-dropping dip is a thing of dairy-free dreams.

Kite Hill Almond Milk Ricotta

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Add a special layer to your lasagna with this vegan ricotta even Garfield would approve of. Kite Hill’s almond milk recipe is just as fluffy and silky as the original and even has that signature salty ricotta taste.

Miyoko’s Creamery Aged English Smoked Farmhouse Artisan Vegan Cheese

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Your charcuterie board just got more interesting with this artisanal vegan wheel. Known for its classy cashew cheeses, Miyoko’s version of Aged English Cheddar has a smooth spread and intense smoky taste that is bound to be a conversation starter.

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Violife Just Like Parmesan Wedge

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Italy and dairy-free don’t often go hand in hand but Violife is as close to Parma it comes. With the traditional nutty flavor and signature flaky shred, this plant-based Parmesan will even have your Nonna scratching her head.

Daiya Cheddar & Alfredo Cheeze Sauce

Image used with permission by copyright holder

A long-time favorite in the dairy-free cheese game, Daiya has done it again, creating the creamiest, cheesiest lactose-free Alfredo and Cheddar sauces the vegan community has seen. The uses are endless, from pouring on pasta or covering veggies to almost drinking with a straw.

Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This plant-based spread lives up to its name; all the reviews proclaim real cream cheese pales in comparison to this vegan version. Available in four delicious flavors, Tofutti’s is cheese lover-tested and bagel-approved.

Field Roast Chao Creamy Slices

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Field Roast is the perfect topping for beet burgers, grilled sandwiches, or wherever you need a slice. The unique blend of coconut oil and fermented tofu makes it one of the most delicious vegan cheeses on the shelves.

Good Planet Mozzarella Cheese Shreds

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Good Planet’s cheeses give you that stretchy, stringy, mozzarella feel with all the benefits of a milk-free lifestyle. Whether you’re sprinkling on pizza or stuffing a quesadilla this cheese is top for its minimal ingredients but maximum meltability.

365 Everyday Value, Plant-Based Smoked Gouda

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whole Foods has entered the cheese chat with its affordable and almost too gouda to be true plant-based slices. While it may not make the top of the texture list, the flavor is a hit and the price point makes it even more appetizing.

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