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Berry Bros debuts a whisky collection all about terroir

The Sense of Place collection encompasses 25 bottles from Scotch distilleries

Berry Bros

August British institution Berry Bros. & Rudd, best known as a merchant of fine wines, has been making an impact in the spirits industry in recent years with its quality spirits releases. Now, the merchant is launching a new collection of Scotch whiskys, inspired by the concept of “sense of place.”

The one-off collection will be comprised of 25 bottlings from 10 different distilleries in Scotland, each located in an area which is renowned for the taste and purity of its water. The idea is for the distinct flavors of each region to come through in the final whisky product.

“This release is a testament to nature and craftsmanship. As you explore these whiskies, you embark on a sensory expedition through some of Scotland’s most cherished and secluded spots. You’ll find whiskies that epitomise the distinctiveness of their respective distilleries, alongside the landscape they reside in; while others have the additional influence of flavour through varied cask finishes,” said Felix Dear, Spirits Curator at Berry Bros. & Rudd. “These special editions have been infused with distinct flavours from casks sourced through our long-standing relationships with world-class producers.”

The collection will be split into two parts: Glens & Valleys and Coasts & Shores, divided by the type of landscape in which each distillery sits. The Glens & Valleys will be the first part of the series, including bottles such as a Blair Athol 2010, two Glen Elgins, and a Glenburgie.

The Glens & Valleys part of the collection is available now, while the Coasts & Shores part of the collection will be forthcoming later this year.

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