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Tips for Attending the Bacon and Beer Classic–Yes, That’s a Thing and You Should Go

Bacon is amazing. Beer is amazing. So what happens when the two are gloriously joined in something that is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, capable of uniting people from both sides of the aisle? The Bacon and Beer Classic, that’s what.

The New York stop on the tour (there are B&B’s in Denver, Philly, and Indianapolis still to come this year), was held at Citi Field (home of the New York Mets), and we dutifully worked our way through over thirty beers and close to fifty different dishes that featured bacon (not including the pieces of bacon we had between dishes.) In that time, we learned a couple of things about how best to navigate such a magnificent event. If you’re planning to go, we advise the three following tips:

Pace Yourself

A bacon and beer festival is all about pacing. A session is four hours long and you’ll want to be there the whole time getting as much bacon-y goodness in as possible. While you want to go out and stuff all the bacon in your mouth all at once, while simultaneously downing all the good craft beer, don’t. Trust us. Take it slow. Savor your sips and bites. If you don’t, you’re going to feel like an alien is getting ready to burst through your chest and dance away.

You Don’t Need to Try Every Beer

Aside from the sheer number of calories and fat you’d be consuming, think of it this way—you’ve probably already had many of the beers that are being poured. Look for the stuff that you haven’t had or that you truly love. In addition, there’s all the bacon dishes (and straight bacon). When you first get there, grab a beer and take a lap. Scope out the environment and make a mental list of what you want to try. Sure, you may forget the list after you’ve indulged, but hey, A for effort.

Don’t Be a Jerk

A golden rule for any sort of festival. You’re there to enjoy just like every other person there. You will all have to wait in lines for food, drink, and the bathroom. You don’t want someone raining on your beery and bacony parade, so don’t do it to someone else. If you’re the type to get feisty when you get a little booze in you, maybe think about taking a partner along to keep you in check.

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