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Zyllion Massage Gun Review: Replenish and Restore Your Muscles

Everyone has high hopes at the start of the new year, but only those with the strongest will power and drive will keep those promises they made to themselves on January 1 and carry them out throughout the entirety of 2021. Fitness is one of the most common resolutions people make, but it’s also among the hardest to keep. If you have a fitness-focused New Year’s resolution, your chances of success increase greatly if you make recovery a part of your routine.

Massage guns are an important part of both training and recovery. They help athletes warm-up and stay loose, and they speed up the recovery process. Regular use can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), enhance flexibility, and improve lymphatic flow. Massage guns come in all sorts of shapes and speeds, but if you’re looking for a powerful massager with versatile attachments, look no further than Zyllion Handheld Back & Neck Massager. And right now you can save 20% off with our exclusive promo code DT20ZMA27.

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Our Take

Zyllion Handheld Massager

Recovery can help you bounce back faster after a challenging workout, which means those effective workouts can happen more regularly with less downtime in between. If you’re serious about your New Year’s fitness resolutions, a massage gun like Zyllion Handheld Back & Neck Massager is an invaluable tool to help replenish and restore your muscles. After testing this massage gun following a particularly grueling half-marathon race, we found it to be a relaxing and therapeutic device that significantly reduced recovery time.

Zyllion’s newest ZMA-27 handheld massager has the most powerful motor in the market at 5,000 RPM. This helps send the massage head attachments (there are five to choose from) deep into the muscle tissue for targeted relief. For a limited time, from now until January 22, the brand is offering 20% off with promo code DT20ZMA27 to help you banish sore muscles fast and keep those New Year’s fitness resolutions.

If you’re weighing your options when it comes to massage guns and you’re not sure if Zyllion Handheld Back & Neck Massager is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Below, we outline the three features that make this handheld massager stand out from the rest.

Powerful Motor

The most important component of any massage gun is power, which is measured in rotations per minutes (RPM). Zyllion’s handheld massager clocks in at 5,000 RPM, which is the most powerful on the market. This high-intensity device penetrates deep into muscle tissue to work out any kinks, knots, and stiffness so you can access the full range of motion in your workouts with absolutely zero strain or soreness. It truly feels like an at-home deep tissue massage, effectively increasing blood flow to relieve muscle pain in seconds.

Any time you feel tightness or fatigue in your neck, shoulder, or back, just reach for this handheld massager to alleviate pain from the comfort of your own home – no massage therapy appointment or stripping down in front of a stranger necessary.

Massage Heads

All bodies are not created equal, and we all have different types of aches and pains that need to be treated differently in order to heal. The Zyllion massager comes with five different attachment heads specialized for different parts of your body. The ball node attachment features a soothing heat function for better blood flow and circulation.

We found the curve attachment particularly adept at relieving soreness in the arms and legs, and the singular pointed attachment effective at providing a focused trigger acupoint massage on small, twisted kinks in the shoulders. All the attachments are easy to plug into and unplug from the massager to easily customize your recovery routine.

Ergonomic Design

A DIY massage at first might seem like it involves more work than relief and relaxation, but that isn’t the case with the Zyllion massager. At just 2.2 pounds, this lightweight portable device is a breeze to maneuver around your body without making your arms even more sore in the process. The curved shape allows you to easily reach behind your back and massage those hard-to-reach areas, targeting both your upper and lower back.

A single charge can power the device for 180-plus minutes, and it’s even programmed with a 15-minute auto shut-off feature to preserve energy and battery life. The handheld massager comes with a travel bag to store the device and attachments so you can take it with you on-the-go and get instant relief from muscle aches and soreness wherever you are in the world.

Should you buy it?

Overall, it’s clear that Zyllion has thought of everything and optimized every feature in its newest ZMA-27 handheld massager to help you recover faster and perform at your peak. If you want to keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions, making recovery part of your workout routine is the best way to get better results in less time and improve your overall strength and fitness ability. The Zyllion is incredibly easy to use and effective at targeting kinks to ensure a smooth and safe workout. Simply point, shoot, and relax and the powerful massager beats sore muscles into submission.

With our exclusive promo code DT20ZMA27 you can save 20% off bringing the price down to just $80. Put your body back in your control so you can continue training with confidence this 2021.

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