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The 10 Best Scales to Keep Tabs on your Fitness Progress

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Keeping track of your fitness goals is all about having the right tools. Too complex, and you won’t use them. Too simple, and you won’t get the information you need to make sure you’re hitting your weight goals. You need a balance between user-friendly operation and cutting-edge technology. At a bare minimum, scales give you your weight — but some can also track and record progress. More advanced scales can help you get an in-depth look at your overall health and wellbeing. The scales on our list offer a range of capabilities designed to help you reach your health goals one measurement at a time. Let’s find the one you need.

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Best Overall: EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Scale

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Not too complex, not too expensive, but still with the capability to give you an informative picture of your health — this digital scale option is a budget-friendly yet highly capable scale to start your journey with. It features an ultra-wide platform and a weight limit of up to 440 pounds.

The sleek design uses tempered glass for a strong yet minimal look. Auto-off conserves battery and a simple, pressure-sensitive on/off switch gives you straightforward control. Calibrate the scale before first using it, and it will last many years. The Eatsmart Precision Plus Scale is powered by AAA batteries.

Best Smart Scale: QardioBase2 WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

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The QardioBase 2 offers a Wi-Fi and smart device-enabled scale with BMI, weight, and body composition measurement. This smart scale works with a variety of programs, including Apple Health, and operates effectively on any surface, including carpet.

Auto user detection makes it easy to track multiple family members, and it includes a pregnancy mode for reaching health goals even with changes in body composition. Charge it with the included USB cable, and use it for up to 12 months between charges.

Best Splurge: Fitbit Aria 2

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Although you need a Fitbit to use this particular scale, you might want to invest in the whole system. This scale measures weight, body fat, lean mass, and BMI. It syncs wirelessly to computers and a wide variety of smart devices, offering a high degree of usability and performance.

The Aria 2 recognizes up to eight users, and the setup process is straightforward. Health stats are kept private from user to user. The polished surface looks great in almost any interior design scheme, and the thin/light design tucks away easily if you need it to.

Best Budget Choice: Wyze Bluetooth Scale

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The Wyze Bluetooth scale offers weight, BMI, lean body mass measurements, and nine additional metrics for a comprehensive featureset that’s easy on the wallet. You can view trends over time and even track your heart rate.

The full sensor turns on automatically and captures data regardless of your exact foot placement. It has storage options for eight different users plus a guest mode for when you might have people visiting.

Best for Heart Health: Withings/Nokia Cardio Scale

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This ultra-thin scale offers users a wide variety of body and health measurements, including heart rate. It syncs automatically to many devices and programs. The design ensures accurate measurements with position control and profiles for eight users.

A pregnancy tracker and baby mode (to measure even the youngest in the household) gives users lots of options for accuracy. The sleek design stays out of the way and looks great with a variety of different decors.

Best for Families: Garmin Index Smart Scale

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For families with many members, the Garmin Index Smart Scale offers enough profiles to store for everyone, even in blended or extended families. The smart scale features a range of measurement metrics as well as easy-to-use calibration.

Four AAA batteries power the scale, and battery life is excellent. It has a sleek design with a reinforced top designed to ensure a long, durable life. With plenty of app compatibility, you’ll be able to connect to your favorite health tracker easily.

Best Space Saver: Gela Global Personal Scale

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If you don’t have much room to spare, the Gela Global Personal Scale is the thinnest on our list and will tuck away anywhere you need it to. It offers accurate weight readings of up to 330 pounds supported by a long-lasting lithium battery.

The “low battery” and “overload” indicators are clear and easy to read, to ensure you receive accurate and straightforward data. LCD illumination and sturdy surfaces ensure that despite its size, this scale is a durable option.

Best Analog Choice: Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale

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Most people want the newest cutting-edge tech, but sometimes it’s pleasant to look at an old-school dial. With a reliable and easy-to-read analog action, the Ozeri Rev is a great alternative to digital scales. A synchronized electro-mechanical dial and LCD measure quickly and accurately.

The size and design support up to 400 pounds with professional quality materials. The sensor offers precise measurements from the moment you step on the scale, and automatic shut-off preserves the battery. Auto calibration gives you accuracy over time.

Best Travel Choice: NewLine Auto Scale

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Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to leave your data behind. This Newline ultra mini travel scale fits into luggage or a tech bag and keeps your measurements up to date. It weighs just 20 ounces and displays large numbers to give you a clear view.

When you step on the scale, watch the light until it turns green. Step off, and you’ll be able to see your weight displayed, giving you an accurate reading from such a miniature scale. The display lasts for ten seconds and the scale measures up to 325 pounds.

Largest Weight Limit: My Weigh SCMXL700T

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With a weight limit of 700 pounds and a voice feature in four languages, the My Weigh SCMXL700T heavy-duty scale helps you reach goals no matter your body composition. The extra-large platform gives you some space to maneuver and the durable construction lasts a long time.

It takes four AA batteries (included) and offers a straightforward setup. A quad stability pad offers excellent traction and keeps the scale in place while the backlit LCD is easy to read from far away. Step on it to start it and begin measurement. When you’re done, the auto-off preserves battery life.

Can Scales Be Inaccurate?

Every scale has a tolerance for error, meaning it doesn’t have to be accurate down to the last minuscule measurement. However, most digital scales are reasonably accurate for home health needs.

You can research each scale’s tolerance for error by looking at the manufacturer’s website. There’s no industry standard so you’ll have to decide for yourself what your own tolerance for error is.

How to Achieve Health Goals with the Right Scale

Even a basic scale is an essential tool for tracking and maintaining your health goals. Whether you need one for your travels or want a full suite of features, one of the scales on our list will give you the data you need to keep going.

These different scales provide a range of capabilities. Take control of your health goals with good measurements. Put one of these in your bathroom or your home gym and keep your health up to date.

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