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The Best Smart Scales to Accurately Track Your Weight

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On New Year’s Eve, it’s common practice to look ahead to the upcoming year and make a resolution about something you’d like to change. “Stop procrastinating,” “Start my own business,” and “Finally pay off my student loans” are all common resolutions. What’s the most common one of them all though? “Lose weight and get healthy.”

Traditionally, you’d use a floor scale for this, measuring your weight daily to track changes over time. Tracking weight is a bit one-dimensional, though, as there’s no consideration for other body vitals like fat mass, muscle mass, or even hydration levels. However, the modern generation of smart scales can help you keep track of these metrics plus many others. Here are our top picks for smart scales in 2021.

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FitTrack BMI Smart Scale

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There’s an old saying in the business world — “what gets measured gets managed.” This definitely applies to keeping track of your health and fitness as well. The more metrics you are able to track and improve upon, the more likely it is that you’ll stay on track and hit whatever your goal is. The BMI Smart Scale from FitTrack measures 17 different vital body health metrics. Understand and analyze things like weight, bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass, and hydration levels. With smart algorithm adjustments, it can adjust readings based on your body type and individual habits. The iOS and Android-compatible app allows you to track your health over the long term.

Withings Body Cardio Digital Wi-Fi Scale

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At 0.7 inches high, this svelte Smart Scale from Withings won’t take up much space in your home. It features automatic synchronization, so the scale will connect via Wi-Fi with the Health Mate app and transmit data after every weigh-in. This makes it easy to track your progress over time. With support for up to 8 users, this scale makes it easy for your whole family to track their health and accomplish their fitness goals. It’s also got a pregnancy mode and a baby mode for your newest family members.

Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Smart Scale

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Are you already a Fitbit user? Add to the tools in your health arsenal with the Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Digital Body Weight and BMI Smart Scale. It syncs effortlessly to your Fitbit dashboard using Bluetooth. View your weight on the smart scale’s screen, then upload this data to the Fitbit app to review more in-depth information and track trends over time.

Renpho Body Fat Smart Scale

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With over 144,000 positive reviews so far, it’s obvious that Renpho is doing something right with the Body Fat Smart Scale. It easily syncs with common fitness trackers like Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health. The included app syncs easily with the scale, allowing you to track and store your health information. High-precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 pounds, helping you track even the smallest of changes. While only your body weight will display on the scale itself, the app can help you track 12 other metrics including BMI, fat percentage, water percentage, and more.

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale

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Using the Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale as your morning base station, not only can you track your health metrics, you can also get weather updates. That’s right — when this scale is connected to Wi-Fi, a weather widget can help you decide on whether or not to pack an extra layer before leaving your home. Sync the S2 Smart Scale to your Garmin Connect account to see and analyze your health data. Track things like weight, weight trend, fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, and more for up to 16 individual users.

Eufy by Anker Smart Scale P1

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Chances are you’re very familiar with the Anker brand by now, as you’ve likely used its products to charge your electronic devices. Eufy is a sub-brand of Anker that is focused on smart home appliances. The Eufy Smart Scale P1 helps you track 14 body measurements like weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat, bone mass, and protein levels. An ITO (indium tin oxide) coating on the top of the scale helps ensure consistent measurement accuracy. The associated Eufy app connects to the scale automatically when in range, making data transfer easy. Lastly, the rounded corners are toe-friendly.

How to Should I Choose a Smart Scale?

There are a few things to consider when buying a Smart Scale. One is accuracy — can you depend on the scale to give you accurate and consistent readings? Another is user-friendliness. Is the app easy for you to understand and use? Is it simple to access your historical data so you can track trends? A third is how well the scale integrates with other fitness devices you may already have. For example, if you currently use the Garmin Connect app to track your workouts, it might be worth it to consider the Garmin Index S2 scale simply because it will function seamlessly as part of the same ecosystem. Ditto for smart scales from other fitness-focused companies.

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