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This new Rowing Blazers x Zodiac World GMT is a traveler’s dream

This new GMT tells time all over the world

Rowing Blazers X Zodiac World GMT
Rowing Blazers

If you’re a man who craves the thrill of travel, the Rowing Blazers x Zodiac World GMT is not just a watch; it’s an essential companion. Crafted at the intersection of style and functionality, this timepiece is a testament to the collaboration between Zodiac and Rowing Blazers, marrying the world of high-end watchmaking with the bold spirit of adrenaline.

Exploring the watch requires a journey into its roots, where it draws inspiration from the iconic film Trading Places. In this cinematic masterpiece, the affluent Louis Winthorpe III engages in a societal switch with street-savvy Billy Ray Valentine. Amidst his struggles, Louis endeavors to pawn his exquisite timepiece in a Philadelphia shop, only to face an incredulous owner who deems the watch stolen, offering a mere fifty dollars. He passionately articulates the essence of his wristwatch during the negotiation, naming off several cities of which the fictional watch can give you the time.

Unlike the standard versions in black or red, the limited-edition GMT boasts a vibrant blue hue. The bezel insert not only incorporates the city names passionately articulated by Louis but also orchestrates a delicate dance to accommodate cities within the same time zone, including the film’s setting, Philadelphia.

Rowing Blazers X Zodiac World GMT face
Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers x Zodiac: Aesthetics and substance

The watch’s 40MM case, rendered in stainless steel, radiates class. Its silver hue is a nod to timeless elegance, while the black and white dial adds a touch of contemporary flair. The strap, also stainless steel, strikes the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics, with a width of 20MM ensuring comfort without compromising on looks.

The intricate details don’t stop there. The bracelet’s closure provides a secure fit, ensuring the watch stays snug on your wrist during those stressful red-eye flights. The strap’s inner circumference of 200+/- 5MM caters to a range of wrist sizes, emphasizing inclusivity in design.

Technical marvel: Powering your journeys

Beneath the sleek exterior lies the beating heart of this traveler’s dream – the STP7-20 movement. Swiss-made precision ensures that every second counts, and with a water resistance of 20 ATM, the watch fearlessly embraces underwater adventures. The absence of a battery underscores the commitment to sustainable luxury, aligning with today’s environmental values.

This GMT watch is more than a timekeeping tool; it’s a global navigator. The world time function allows you to effortlessly track time in different time zones, a game-changer for those who practically live at the airport. Imagine jet-setting across continents, confidently adjusting your watch with a simple pull of the crown.

Rowing Blazers X Zodiac World GMT
Rowing Blazers

Beyond aesthetics: Sustainable materials

As we dive deeper into the nuances of this remarkable timepiece, it’s essential to appreciate the thoughtful integration of sustainable materials. The additional strap, crafted from #tide ocean material, not only adds an eco-friendly touch but also resonates with the modern man’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the price; luxury, after all, comes at a cost. Though, at $2,195, it’s certainly not the most expensive watch on the market.

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, the Rowing Blazers x Zodiac World GMT is a declaration of your refined taste, a proclamation that you value not just the hours on your wrist but the experiences they mark. In a world where mass production often overshadows individuality, this watch stands tall as a symbol of exclusivity, reminding you that true luxury is found in the details.

Sarah Veldman
Sarah has been a freelance writer for over 7 years now, having started while she was living out of a suitcase and traveling…
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