Worn Out Wednesday – Reinaldo Leandro

Today we speak to the interior designer and architect, Reinaldo Leandro.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela where I studied architecture.

I have an interior design and architecture practice in Manhattan New York where I live and have been living for the past thirteen years.

I moved to New York to pursue a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University. I then met my business partner right out of grad school; we have similar styles and hit it off. I worked at SOM for four years, it was like a second masters, and towards the end of my years there I was exhausted with corporate life and architecture and started doing projects on the side with my partner. We both agreed, why not, maybe we can do this and make a living out of it.

We mostly do residential projects and gallery spaces. Last year we completed a house in London and did our first house from the ground up in Martha’s Vineyard. It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait for the project to be out there. This year we are doing a big office space in San Francisco, a house in Brooklyn and a townhouse in Tribeca, so we are really excited for what this year will bring. We would love to do a bar, restaurant or store. Commercial would be fun too.

Design wise my style is modern- contemporary but also influenced by my upbringing in Caracas, which has incredible 50s and 60s tropical architecture. I draw a lot from travel and art as a big inspiration. I don’t know much about fashion, black jeans and a comfortable tee works for me. Always

Below Mr. Leandro tells us about his personal style.

Jeans: black Rag and Bone jeans.

Shirts: J.Crew and Gap actually have really soft tee’s, once you wash them a couple of times. Gap or Polo blue or white oxford shirts are great too.

Pants: I only have two pairs. Black slacks from Saturdays and navy blue Balenciaga pants that a rarely use.

Suits: Prada.

Shoes: Dr. Martens black on black boots (last detail is important. No yellow stitching anywhere) White Nike high-tops.

Accessories: watches. Patek Phillpe and Rolex, both from the 50s passed from one of my grandfathers. Short and slim gold chain with two small gold crosses which I purchased in Greece. I only wear that in the summer and it makes me feel like a tennis player (which I like).

Outerwear: I over use a bomber jacket from Club Monaco that is not mine. A navy parka from Barbour that my dad insisted I buy (I didn’t so he got it for me). A vintage camel Margiela winter coat which I got in London. It’s too big on me but it’s cool. Finally, a Margiela long grey coat that I only wear to dress things up.

Favorite Cologne: I don’t wear cologne.

Your favorite App: Strava. I run. A lot.

Favorite piece of technology: IPhone. I guess.

Next tech purchase: a new laptop? a good 11×17 printer? I need both but I am really overwhelmed when buying tech stuff.

Photo courtesy of Celeste Sloman

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