Worn Out Wednesday – Nathan Pyle

Whether you have been in New York City for two weeks or ten years, you still need a little guidance here and there. That is why we are obsessed with illustrator Nathan Pyle’s new book, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette. (Two of our favorites are #55 “Please mind your backpack!” and #65 “Find tranquility while eating street pizza.”) We met him at his latest book launch and gave him a ring to hear more about his career and personal style.

In Nathan’s own words:

For four years, I worked fun gigs in television production during the day and then stayed up late drawing cartoons on my computer. Then in April 2013, I received the email I’d dreamt of –HarperCollins offered me a book deal. I had sold my art here and there in the past, but this was the large-scale breakthrough that would let me spend a year telling my own story. 

In my book, I illustrate 136 lessons I learned after moving from the suburbs of Ohio to Manhattan. I had never lived in a big city before, and upon moving to New York, I realized just how much I didn’t know: street scams, subway etiquette, taxi savoir-faire –the first few years of survival here were accomplished through trial and error.  (Mostly error.)

The exposure (and free time) the book deal gave me also resulted in something unexpected –an interview for a full-time illustrator position at BuzzFeed right here in Manhattan. Now in my fourth week on the job, I am still amazed I get to work with such a talented, smart group of individuals. This is exactly what I came to New York to do –to learn from the brightest and best creatives in the world and attempt to reach my own creative potential in their midst. The last year really has been a dream come true!

As for my personal style, here we go:

Jeans: J. Crew 770s

Shirts: J. Crew Slim Vintage Oxford

Pants:  Perry Ellis Flannel Sleepwear (I’ve been known to wear them out to the mailbox!)

Suits:  n/a

Shoes:  Ecco New Jersey Slip-On Buckle

Accessories: Pasotti Umbrella, my prized possession.

Outerwear: Black American Apparel Hoodie

Your favorite App: Shazam because how does it work? Magic.

Favorite piece of technology: Canon Powershot SX series –great little camera

Next tech purchase: Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker

necessitiesPhoto courtesy of Sarah Ruth Boyer.

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