Worn Out Wednesday – Dylan Hales

worn wednesday dylan hales
If you have ever spent a quality amount of time drinking in Manhattan, you will find a surprisingly large number of bars and restaurants owned by Australians. We have never figured out why, but we think it is because Aussie’s know how to have a damn good time.

Dylan Hales in no exception. Hailing from Sydney, Hales started his career in real estate but then transitioned into hospitality and ran a successful events company. He was then hand selected to move to Washington, DC in 2006 to run Ralph Lauren’s much hyped about Rugby Cafe and moved to New York City a year later to run the Rugby cafe in Soho. He then went back to his roots working for the Aussies who own Kingswood, an elegant farm to table restaurant in New York’s West Village. Hales was also partner in the (very wild and wonderful) basement lounge called Battys.

Today he is a partner in The Randolph Group, and they now have three locations, the newest one being in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each one specializes in a different specialty: one is a serious coffee shop, the other a cocktail bar and the third a beer and culinary destination.

As Dylan told us over coffee, “I’m pretty much always working but when I have free time I am a big health nut so I hit the gym a lot. On the other end I enjoy cooking and love exploring restaurants. I am a professional SCUBA diver and love to bike too.  I am in the ocean as much as possible!” A true Aussie if we have ever heard one.

Below Dylan divulges his favorite fashions and why.

Trousers: Vintage ones! I scour Brooklyn to find great one. I like one offs and things that other people wouldn’t hav thought of wearing.

Jeans: Ksubi, Nudie and Acne are all great fitting for me.

Shirts: RRL, Saturdays since they are friends and I love the line. Nudie organic cotton Henley’s are also a favorite.

Sweater: Nudie makes some great knits.

Tees: James Perse and vintage Rock n’ Roll tees.

Shoes: Cole Haan, they are so unique and fun with all of their color ways.  They are very comfortable as well which is a priority since I am running restaurants and moving beer kegs all day! That goes for Doc Martens too.

Outerwear: Saturdays, Ralph Lauren and I love Idol Radec. 

Suits: Idol Radec makes great ones. Reporter has a great cut for me as does Hugo Boss.

Accessories: I don’t wear watches, I love Holst & Lee and vintage pieces too.

Favorite tech: My iPhone!

Favorite App: The Equinox app. It shows the schedules for all the classes; you can also log in and see how many workouts you did and what gyms are open and when.

Next tech buy? I need a Mac Book Air bad!

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