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Worn Out Wednesday – Backyard Bill for Beltology

This week’s Worn Out Wednesday is action packed. While we interviewed one of the most in demand photographers, Backyard Bill, we are also covering his latest project with Beltology. We are big fans of the brand of belt that requires no holes and we have been following Backyard Bill for years. Naturally, we were excited about this project.

Barbers and Baristas have become the titans of cool over the last several years. They are the ones who get you going in the morning and keep you looking good after a quality cut. To honor these men, Beltology asked Bill to shoot some of these new style icons (all wearing the brand’s belts of course) as well as asking them his short and sweet Q&A’s. It is great to see some of our favorite spots like Frank’s Chop Shop, Blind Barber and Sweatshop NYC getting some love.

This is an ongoing program so keep checking back on their site to see who else will be featured. Your very own coffee savior may well be shot soon.

Rob McMillen of Blind Barber NYC
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We spoke with Bill Gentle to hear more about his personal style while we were at it:

Jeans: Love Copper King and vintage 501s

Shirts: Orslow

Pants: Margaret Howell

Suits: Carson Street Clothiers

Shoes: White’s boots

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Ryan of Sweatshop NYC
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Hats: Ebbets field 8 panel cap; watch, Swatch.

Jewelry: I have a gold chain I have a love hate relationship with.

Outerwear: Needles wool denim, RRL rubberized mac

Favorite Cologne: DS and Durga’s  Bow Makers

Your favorite App:

Favorite piece of technology: Cannon 5D MK3

Next tech purchase: New camera

Mr. Bee at Franks' Chop Shop
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Beltology is collaborating with Bill to photograph and interview a variety of local barbers and baristas at spots such as the Blind Barber and Five Leaves. We’ll continue to look for and photograph more subjects in the coming months, and invite all barbers and baristas to submit their interest by e-mailing them at or tag an image on Instagram using the hashtag #BarbersAndBaristas.

Cator Sparks
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