What to Wear for Valentine’s Day This Year

February 14th draws ever closer, and that means one thing: It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re going to have to dress in style if you’ve got big plans. (And even if you’re rolling solo, who says you can’t get dressed up and grab a delicious cocktail?) Regardless of what’s on your plate (or in your glass), figuring out what to wear for Valentine’s Day can be a taxing challenge — too formal, and you’re stuffy, not stylish. But too casual, and you’ll be turned away at the door of that hyped-up new restaurant. But the ensemble below? We think it’s “just right” when it comes to exercising the care, attention to detail, and style you need to look great, impress your partner, and enjoy the holiday in style.

Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket

Looking polished without going over the top is the key to a successful, stylish Valentine’s Day and the Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket is crisp and polished, yet also an effective piece of winter outerwear in its own right.

Hamilton + Todd Snyder Dress Shirt

The best way to stand out stylishly and subtly on Valentine’s Day while impressing your date? A crisp, classic white dress shirt ought to do the trick, and you can even dress it up with a black knit tie for an ultra-sharp finish based on your plans for the night.

J. Crew Ludlow Essential Slim-Fit Pants

Your plans very well might call for wearing a full-on suit, but if you’ve got some flexibility in your dining and date plans, then slim-fit suit pants work just as well in nearly every similar situation. Per usual, J. Crew’s Ludlow suit pants are the gold standard for affordable, tailored style.

Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boots

Chelsea boots are the sleek, stylish, and highly effective footwear you need in your closet for every instance when you need to both look sharp and brave the elements. In this case, Valentine’s Day fits the bill quite nicely there.

Shinola Runwell in Black Leather

Your accessories deserve as much attention to detail as the rest of your outfit. A handsome, investment-level Shinola watch in sharp black leather shows you mean business and it’s bound to draw a compliment or two from your date.

Misfit Arquiste

When you want to impress your date, a little goes a long way. The elegant Misfit Arquiste (an all-gender fragrance) is a reimagined take on 19th-century essence of patchouli. Make this your “special-occasion” scent for big days like Valentine’s Day.

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