What to Wear: Date Night

wear date night what to

Date night — there’s nothing I hate more than meeting a guy for a date and find him wearing a pair of sloppy jeans, an ugly t-shirt and scuffed up shoes. Talk about turn off! Please try and show that you want to impress me. Here are a few pointers:

1. Dress according to the date plan. If it’s dinner at a nice restaurant, you probably want to wear something sharp. If you’re going on a picnic in the park, make it a little more casual. If you’re meeting at a dive bar, wear something that makes you look like you tried. One guy I dated put on my old college hoodie for an event where everyone else was wearing cocktail casual. I was so embarrassed. There’s nothing worse than seeing a guy who is dressed totally inappropriately for the occasion.

2. Don’t be a bum. It’s quite disappointing when I see that you didn’t try to look good for me at all. It shows that you don’t care about what I think, and you’re not trying to do anything to get on my good side.

3. Wear clothes that fit you. Sometimes guys have a tendency to put on something that doesn’t fit right. You should always avoid baggy clothing. This isn’t the hip-hop ‘90s when big pants were still cool. Also make sure your shit is properly sized. You’ll look more put together that way.

Now you just have to provide good conversation and pick up the check and I’ll be a happy gal.

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