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This Sweater Will Make You Think Twice About Hating Turtlenecks

When it comes to turtlenecks, there are two camps and two camps only: those who love ’em and those who hate ’em.

From Steve Jobs, who sported a turtleneck as his daily uniform, to international cartoon spy Sterling Archer and his “tactical turtlenecks,” many famous men have worn the chin-hugging sweater for a bold look and accompanying perception of intellectualism, intelligence, and a touch of supervillain attitude. A simple black turtleneck like those favored by Jobs and Archer will never go out of style and can be paired under a blue blazer with black pants for a reserved, yet fashion-forward outfit great for a winter day at the office to an autumn night out on the town.

Many of the complaints from those who hate turtlenecks arise not out of the silhouette of the shirt, but from how it feels when worn. For whatever reason, some people in the world do not like having a piece of fabric pressed right up against their necks (think about how much they must hate scarves). For turtleneck haters, the sensation of a turtleneck gripping one’s throat is tantamount to being throttled. I personally can attest to previously being in the turtleneck-hating camp. I used to hate turtlenecks. No, not hate — despise. I couldn’t stand the way the fabric encircled my neck like a noose and I often found myself yanking at the collar, stretching it so the scratchy wool wouldn’t be in contact with my sensitive skin. After only a couple wears, this chronic stretching resulted in the turtleneck loosening to the point of being a shawl collar. (And you should know that shawl collars are for cardigans, not turtlenecks.)

However, after receiving a Maddux Plush Fleece Turtleneck from Canadian luxury knitwear maker Twenty Montreal, my tune changed in an instant. I can now proudly say that I have hopped on the turtleneck bandwagon and haven’t looked back.

Made from Twenty Montreal’s custom-milled plush fleece containing 40 percent cotton, 38 percent polyester, and 22 percent viscose fibers, the Maddux turtleneck is one of the softest, coziest, and warmest sweaters I’ve ever worn. The softness and looseness of the turtleneck collar leaves ample room between your neck and the fabric, so guys who hate having their throats touched can be free from worry. The slightly oversized cut of the turtleneck also lends an easy, street-style air to the shirt without making it look too basic. The turtleneck’s loose structure means it looks especially mod and fashionable when paired with slim jeans and simple white kicks. In short, it’s the altogether perfect combination of great fabrics meeting great design for a great final product that we’re confident you’ll love.

Currently, you can get the Maddux turtleneck at a super steep discount; originally priced at $175, this sweater has dropped down to an altogether affordable $105. It’s a pretty reasonable cost for a sweater that is soft as hell and won’t ever go out of style.

For those out there who absolutely refuse to wear a turtleneck no matter what, you can still find something from Twenty Montreal. We recommend the Maddux Plush Fleece Slim Joggers for their super-soft feel and uber-wearable cut.

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