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TravisMathew Dives Into Active Performance Clothing For Pros and Amateurs Alike

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso sports TravisMathew's Active Heater Line on a playground basketball court.

There’s a careful balance to maintain between fashion and function when considering workout clothing. Too much sweat and too little wick or too much flair and too little subtlety, and the whole thing gets thrown off. Twice now, premier lifestyle brand TravisMathew seems to have pulled off this delicate dance. 

After the innovative lifestyle and performance apparel brand’s success with the Heater Golf Series, TravisMathew announced the creation and launch of their Heater Active line this November. The Heater Active Series is the textiler’s most technical fabric collection yet, providing heightened performance elements without compromising TravisMathew’s signature style or diverting from its target market — vigorous men in smart threads. 

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“The core TravisMathew customer has an extremely active lifestyle, and it’s always been our goal to provide apparel for every part of his day,” TravisMathew CEO Ryan Ellis said in a press release. “Three years ago, we started working on an activewear collection, emphasizing heightened performance elements. As we do with all our apparel, we began with the most premium fabrics.”

Crafted from these pliable performance fabrics, the Heater Active line offers enhanced stretch and breathability allowing the energetic man to move seamlessly through any workout — from warming up to personal record-setting intensity and from sweating through a strenuous grind to enjoying an active recovery.

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Not only was Heater Active developed for three years, TravisMathew is endorsed and sported by several active celebrities and high-performing athletes. Professional players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Ryan, Alex Caruso, and Corey Seager have all incorporated Heater Active wear into their training routines. Hitting the gym in this new apparel is a go-to for TravisMathew’s most recognizable and ardent fans as its shorts and shirts are just the right fit for the lively man. 

“The Heater Active line matches the TravisMathew aesthetic but with an athletic fit that’s neither too tight nor too short,” Ellis said. “Our customers have been asking for this product and we couldn’t be happier with how great the line came together.”

With a variety of silhouettes, the Heater Active line is highlighted by performance bottoms with design-driven prints and clean, athletic styling. Heathered and solid tops complement this verve with minimalist, functional short- and long-sleeved activewear produced from premium performance materials. Though there’s already a steady variety in TravisMathew’s new line, the clothing company plans for product offerings to grow in 2022, broadening the brand’s investment in performance apparel.

The Heater Active line is now available both online and in local retail stores. You can check out TravisMathew’s new Active Heater Line and the rest of the collection at TravisMathew Heater Series.

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