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These new Todd Snyder shoes will be your go-to for spring and summer

Todd Snyder sneakers
Todd Snyder / Todd Snyder

For those tired of wearing the same sandals every summer, Todd Snyder has the perfect solution. Not only is the designer releasing yet another footwear drop, but this collection has summer written all over it. Far from your typical sneaker, these Todd Snyder drops have every bit of Italian luxury to help elevate your summer outfits. Worth every penny, these latest sneakers from the designer will become your favorite comfortable sneakers for the season, which proves that style doesn’t need to be painful. 

Todd Snyder’s latest sneaker drop

Todd Snyder Low-Top Sneaker in Black
Todd Snyder / Todd Snyder

While many people are aware of the many high-profile brands available via Todd Snyder, these house-brand sneakers are unlike anything you’ve seen. Made with the finest Italian materials and with the craftsmanship that makes the area notable, these Todd Snyder sneakers are made to be worn with ease and comfort. 

The latest drop involves two new designs, including low-top and slip-on options, both of which contain luxe details. The Low-Top sneaker is complete with faux suede, Vachetta leather on the heel, and Nubuck uppers. On the sole, you get plenty of traction with rubber bottoms that make it great for any activity. Mimicking the look of a neutral retro sneaker, it still has plenty of the modern look mixed with a more elegant touch. 

The Tuscan Slip-On option also has the Vachetta leather detail and nubuck suede uppers, along with a cork footbed. Both of these options come in multiple colors, giving you the chance to find the one that best suits your wardrobe’s color palette. 

Both of these sneakers offer a neutral and laidback casual sneaker for the summer, a strong departure from the high-profile sneaker drops you would likely see. Although they don’t have a bold impression, these sneakers are the perfect everyday shoe that will hold up to all of your season’s activities. With this type of quality craftsmanship, there’s no denying that the Todd Snyder sneaker collection is well worth adding to your shoe rotation.

Tuscan Low-Tops and Slip-Ons

Todd Snyder Slip-On sneaker
Todd Snyder / Todd Snyder

The Tuscan Low-Top and Slip-On sneakers are Todd Snyder’s third collection drop. Snyder has seen plenty of success with footwear recently. The previous sneaker, Tuscan Court Shoe, was released in September 2023 and made a name for its luxe design with a casual feel. Todd Snyder’s first release, Tuscan Runner, was launched in January 2024 and was the perfect shoe for those looking for a more athletic feel. 

Both of these recent launches signal a continued growth of Todd Snyder in the footwear industry and are likely a sign of more launches to come. To grab your hands on the newest options, you can shop either style directly at or retail locations. The Tuscan Low-Top retails for $428 and is available in three colors: Cappuccino, Black, and White. The Tuscan Slip-On sneaker retails for $398 and is available in two colors: Stone and Cappuccino. 

Tuscan Low-Top

Tuscan Slip-On

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