This is Real: Plaxico Burress Socks

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What does a Super Bowl Champ, Pro Bowl wide receiver and one time first round draft pick do after being released from prison for shooting himself in the thigh at a NYC nightclub with a Glock 9mm? If said baller happens to be Plaxico Burress (who it is), then he launches a serious line of luxury socks.

Unexpected and we’re not usually the kind to go for the whole “celebrity designer” thing, but…gimmickry and bullet wounds aside, um, the collection of socks actually isn’t that bad. No…wait…Plaxico Burress socks are stylish. There, we said it. We like them.

They just launched on June 1st and as of now there are four different styles that, er, take aim at the favorable target of formal-casual. They range from psychedelic ostentation, cheeky prints and a healthy load of polka dots and stripes. They’re not in the over-designed world of trying too hard and they’re not so dull as to make your toe nails audibly snore.

We’d wear any of them with a nice pair of bucks or even wingtips. They’re made of desirable materials—cotton/spandex blends for cooler weather, and more breathable 100% cotton or cotton/rayon blends for warmer months.

And Plax had enough of a sense of humor to throw the launch party at a New York night club, which makes us love these even more.

Plaxico Burress socks are availalble starting at $24 at

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